Chris Carver has already overcome some of the most serious challenges a person can face by surviving both testicular and lung cancer.

Despite that, the successful runner says it is his next task, a 210-mile fundraising run from West Yorkshire to London, that will represent the biggest challenge of his life so far.

Chris, 44, was diagnosed with testicular cancer on his 26th birthday in February, 1990 and had surgery to remove the tumour. Then, just three months later, he was told he had lung cancer, which led to chemotherapy and, finally, half of his right lung being removed.

Throughout it all, though, he tried to keep running and has gone on to become one of the country’s best ultra-distance runners. Now he is in training to put his sporting prowess to good use for cancer charity Orchid – and hopes to set two new British records in the process.

He said: “Orchid is the only UK registered charity to fund research and awareness into all three male specific cancers: penile, testicular and prostate. And as a testicular cancer survivor myself I’m very aware of the need to raise voluntary funds to enable Orchid to continue funding pioneering research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these dreadful diseases.

“I started training for this on January 1, but I’ve been a runner for a long time anyway. As it is now almost certain that I’ll be taking part in the Commonwealth Ultra Running Championships in September, I need a challenge to keep me fit and motivated before then.

“So I am taking this challenge very seriously and I don’t want to let my sponsors down.”

Chris, of Courthouse Street, Otley, said: “I don’t think there are official records for the 300-kilometre and 200-mile distances but there are best times (34 hours, 26 minutes and 29 seconds and 38 hours, 22 minutes and 15 seconds, respectively) which I’m hoping to beat.”

On the website he has set up for the challenge – otleytolondon – Chris explains the motivation behind the run.

He said: “This is my first major fundraising venture and will entail running from my home in Otley to London – a distance of over 200 miles. This massive undertaking will begin on Saturday, May 23.

“Back in the 1990s I developed testicular cancer (diagnosed on my 26th birthday). The offending article was removed and three months later I went back to hospital for a check-up only to be told I now had lung cancer.

“Panic set in for a few minutes followed by six months of chemotherapy and, two years later, an operation to remove about half of my right lung.

“I’ve been a runner since 1972 and during my ‘cancer phase’ it never occurred to me to stop. Obviously I ran less but came back stronger and fitter than ever.

“Please donate so that more men can, like me, survive cancer and realise their dreams. Whatever they may be.”

Chris has contacted Guinness World Records to see if he could set an inaugural record for running from Leeds to London. He has also been training with a head torch in preparation for the many hours of night running he will have to complete on the smaller, darker country roads.

Anyone who would like to support his efforts for Orchid can donate via or More details on Orchid can be found at