On Saturday the 27th of April, 2024, the beautiful minister at Beverley hosted its very own glance back into history. Beverley vintage fair is one of the best attended fairs in all of East Yorkshire, and it is clear to see why.


As soon as you stepped through the beautiful doors of the minister, the vintage tunes filled the air. Over 60 small business owners and vendors set up their stores to welcome the masses. At the heart of the minister was a Lindy Hop dance floor where people were swaying across the floor. Even beginners could boogie back through time as there were dance coaches to help guide people through the dance moves.


Many stalls were, naturally, vintage, but this was also a handmade and craft fir, bringing together all sorts of people to one truly fascinating event. 


A pop-up cafe served refreshments for tired dancers and visitors alike, selling cakes and tea. On the opposite side of the minister there was also an enticing sweet stall, brimming with vividly coloured goodies. 


Another popular genre of stalls were vintage toys and book stalls. There were crates filled with old magazines and children’s comic books, such as Rupert and The Beano. Old toy cars sat in their packaging, and dolls faced out at the busy crowds.


There was an abundance of clothes stalls too, from genuine vintage, such as beautiful old nightgowns, blouses and luxurious coats, to small businesses selling their beautiful homemade vintage style dresses and skirts in gorgeous patterns.   


There was also a myriad of stalls boasting an impressive display of vintage handbags, shoes and hair accessories, as well as stalls selling knick-knacks from throughout the years. Some of the most interesting items consisted of a fully working vintage phone, a brilliantly ornate hairbrush and mirror set, and a miniature wooden travel chess set.


As we delve further and further into the future, it is always important to look back upon our fascinating past, and to appreciate some of the moments frozen in time that we are lucky enough to experience still today. The next date for the Beverley Vintage and Retro fair is Saturday, September 28th 2024, and may there be many more to follow.