Everybody loves rabbits. They are cute, cuddly and beautiful pets. But not everybody realises what it is like to actually own one. I interviewed Diana, a local rabbit owner.

What is your rabbit's name, and what breed is he?

D: He is called Bailey, and he's an Argenté Bleu, which is a French breed. 

How long have you owned him? 

D: I’ve had him since around February of 2021, so just over 3 years.

What is his living space like? Is he indoors or outdoors?

D: He lives in a greenhouse that has an entrance to the outside to a play pen. Inside, there's a hutch which stays open for him to go in and out as he wishes, and also empty space for running and jumping.

How do you play with him? 

D: He has lots of wooden toys which he likes to chew and throw around. If he's got a lot of energy, he'll chase after me and jump on my lap.

What sort of diet does he have?

D: The majority of his diet is hay, and the rest consists of leafy greens, like kale and lettuce as well as rabbit pellets.

What is the best part about being a rabbit owner?

D: I would say the fact that they are very loyal, loving creatures, and definitely much easier to take care of than cats and dogs. 

What type of person do you think is best suited to having a pet rabbit?

D: People who do not have children. Many parents buy their children rabbits, but in reality, rabbits can be very shy animals and do not like constant noise and chaos.

 Is a rabbit a high maintenance pet?

D: At times they can be, but on the whole they are very clean and tidy pets - and don't require much from you but some love.

What would be your advice for somebody considering getting a rabbit as a pet?

D: You should make sure that you have a suitable space for your rabbit to live in, ideally an enclosure that's minimum 2 metres by 2 metres. It is even better if you can free roam your rabbit, and definitely do not get the cages sold for rabbits in pet stores, as they're nowhere near enough space. And most importantly, know what you're committing to by getting a rabbit.They can live up to 9 years or more!