Lily Hammond, a fifteen year old aspiring actor, has big plans for her future. She works hard towards her dream of acting, and refines her acting skills both inside of school and in extra-curriculars. She proves that anybody who works hard can follow their passions.


How long have you wanted to be an actor for?


Lily: I have wanted to be an actor since I was 11


What first made you want to become an actor?


L: I wanted to become an actor because I love the relationships you [as an actor] form on set, that you can see through other actors.


What type of acting work would you like to do in an ideal future?


L: Television and film


What are your future plans?


L: So I want to go to drama school after my A-levels. I am doing drama as an A-level too. If I decide to not go to drama school, I will go to university and do a drama degree of some sort, or some sort of double major.


What is your favourite genre of film or television to watch?


L: I love dystopian films, especially Divergent, along with comedy too. 


And what would be your favourite genre to act in?


L: I would be so grateful to be in either a comedy series. I would also love to be in a dystopian film. It sounds super fun .


What would be your advice to other young, aspiring actors?


L: I would just say not to worry. As long as you are determined and passionate about acting, it doesn’t matter if there are people your age, or younger, who are better actors than you because you are on a different path [to them]