The Point-to-Point is a type of horse racing over fences (a steeplechase) that is specifically targeted towards amateur horse riders. These races are normally run over a minimum of 3 miles, but some can extend to 4 miles. A fixture consists of a minimum of six races, with the fences that the horses jump over being 4 feet, 6 inches tall with 18 throughout the whole course. Across the United Kingdom, there are 97 Point-to-Point courses, with 10 being in the Yorkshire area.

Around the course, there are multiple food and drink areas, such as bars, where you can purchase food and drinks. However, many people bring picnics to enjoy with their families. There is occasionally a county fair too, which can have rides and bouncy castles for kids' entertainment. You can even bring your pet dogs to most of the locations, as long as they are kept on a lead!

This year, the Point-to-Point fixtures began on Sunday the fifth of November 2023 in Dunsmore and are set to finish on Saturday the eighth of June 2024 in Chapleton Barton, with the majority of the races happening on a weekend.

However, due to the heavy rainfall over the past couple of weeks, the races set for the 28th of April were called off. These fixtures were Bicester at Edgcote and Middleton at Sherff Hutton, which have already been rescheduled once from the 7th of April due to the course being waterlogged. This has put a damper on many people's plans as they have had to be cancelled. We can only hope that this race will be rescheduled again.