Fast Forward Vocational Training offers alternative training programs for 14-16-year-olds interested in motor vehicles. Collaborating with various schools and pupil referral units across the country, FFVT delivers vocational training in engineering and mechanics.

The mission at Fast Forward is to provide disaffected, disadvantaged, and disengaged youth with opportunities to excel, bridging the gap for hard-to-reach students and their peers. Accredited by BTEC and SEG, Fast Forward specializes in Mechanics and Engineering, while remaining flexible to tailor programs to meet individual student needs.

Students benefit from hands-on experience in a dynamic workshop environment, tackling real-world mechanical challenges and gaining practical skills. On top of this, they also have the opportunity to utilise the karting track, adding excitement to the program.

By partnering with Fast Forward, schools can offer off-site vocational training that aligns with Gatsby benchmarks, addressing the specific needs of each student, providing encounters with employers, and facilitating meaningful work experience opportunities that could help students significantly in the future.

Key benefits include: 1. Students gain valuable work experience in the motor vehicle industry.

2. Students receive a nationally recognized qualification upon completion.

3. Your school meets Gatsby Benchmarks in Careers for these students.

4. Improved behavior and engagement among selected students.

5. Reduced likelihood of students becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

In conclusion, this is an amazing opportunity for children who particularly struggle in the school environment as it ignites passion for STEM among the UK’s next generation of professionals while offering them the chance to learn something they are passionate about.