Why not start litter picking? It is an amazing way to get exercise and help your environment at the same time. You don't want to live in a messy area, do you? Not only does litter affect you, but it also affects the ecosystems and animals around us. Litter picking is very simple and doesn't require much effort. Just pick up a bin bag and some gloves and get to it (you could even purchase a litter grabber if you want to be fancy). Make sure to always wash your hands after litter picking, as you don't know what could be on them. Take your dog or bring a friend along and make it into an outing. It won't take much out of your time, but it is a multipurpose activity.

Did you know that in the UK roughly 2 million pieces of litter are discarded on the floor with no intent of ever being picked up again?

There are some things you should watch out for when litter picking, such as electrical items, anything sharp like needles, or any chemicals that may be harmful. This should be an enjoyable pastime, not one that ends up with you in A&E.

Although, there are lots of other things you could do to help your area other than litter picking if it doesn't seem like your thing. Educating yourself on recycling is extremely important because it can be hard to know what goes where, as it isn't always as clear as it can be. What will you do to help your area?