Bethany Cooper is a sonographer at Hull University Teaching Hospitals whose talent and expertise has led to incredible opportunities that will take her across the world. 

Bethany Cooper, 25, has been a qualified radiographer since 2019. Her job includes undertaking and reporting on a variety of medical ultrasound scans. This includes examinations such as pregnancy scans, abdominal scans and gynaecology scans.  

With this role, comes many challenges and Bethany said that the hardest part of her job is ‘having to give people bad news’, especially when it involves pregnancy. She expressed how it is important for her to remain professional yet empathetic in these upsetting situations. However, she also stated that the most rewarding aspect of the position is the feeling of ‘playing a pivotal role in so many patients pathways’ and ‘being able to give an answer for their pain’. 

Bethany has been given the opportunity for a career break to work and travel in Australia. Her travels start in April with her first stop being Sydney. She said how Australia is in need of sonographers the same way the UK is, so they offer lots of short-term contracts for people working on a holiday visa. She shared that she is excited to travel but also to see what the hospitals are like and the things they do similarly/differently. Moreover, she is ‘excited to spend her evening and days off work on the beach and loving the outdoor lifestyle’. 

Yet, she says that it will be a challenge adapting to Australia as their working standards and guidelines differ slightly from the UK. Bethany also expressed how it will be difficult to be so far away from family and friends. Finally, she commented ‘I want to embrace my time in Australia and who knows what the future holds for when I am out there’.  

Bethany included that her goals for the future include going back to university to finish her master's degree or to develop her career in ultrasound, specifically with musculoskeletal scanning and sports injuries. Her advice for anyone interested in the career path is to ‘make sure caring for the public is something you wish to do’ as the job can be tough and is constantly changing. Bethany’s incredible talent and ability is inspiring and influential to all, and Australia will be gaining a valuable member when she is over there!