With a rich history spanning over 5 decades, Cottingham Rangers stands as a beacon of community spirit encouraging young children to participate in football and stay active. They provide football opportunities for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The players undergo training at Hull University’s facilities, honing a diverse set of skills such as dribbling, passing, throwing, corner kicks, goalkeeping, and tactical strategies.


When speaking to the Vice Chairman of Cottingham rangers (Nick Hocking), he expressed his passion for giving back to the community and providing a platform for teamwork and leadership development. Nick envisions a future where the team continues to enhance, focusing on refining players' skills and nurturing emerging talents.


The under eights blue team, led by dedicated coaches Nick and Dale believe that “everyone should get the opportunity to play football as it is a great way to build teamwork and social skills, make new friends and learn discipline”. 


In conversation with the young players, admiration shines through as they describe the coaches as not just mentors but great role models who inspire them to give their best effort on and off the pitch. These young athletes express gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned under the guidance of the coaches emphasising the importance of teamwork.


As Cottingham Rangers continues to nurture talent and instill values in the hearts of young football enthusiasts, the club stands as a testament to the enduring power of community, passion, and the transformative potential of sports in shaping their futures.


Local teams such as Cottingham Rangers are the source of joy and pride within the community.