Kitten fostering is an awesome and rewarding experience for any individual as you get to watch them grow and develop from 0 weeks to approximately 10 weeks as they learn how to play, eat and interact with humans and each other. 

Cats are pregnant for 63-65 days and will deliver their entire litter within 6 hours. They tend to give birth to 4 or 6 kittens but if she is a first time mum she will often only have 2 or 3. 

One member of the Cottingham community fosters kittens and pregnant cats and says she loves taking them in and caring for them as they give her house some liveliness, plus they are adorably cute to play with and make very good company, as long as they don’t attempt to escape through the door or even the window! She also states that it is incredibly interesting to see kittens grow up as it is not a common thing to witness. 

Despite the fact that it is an enriching experience, there are a few challenges that come along with it. Such as, you may lose kitten if they are not healthy enough or are unfortunate enough contract an illness like cat flu. Or you might even need to bottle feed them if their mother doesn’t take to them, meaning she won’t feed them. 

She fosters through the Yorkshire cat rescue who contact her whenever they have any cats of kittens in need of care. The rescue supplies the food, the vet bills and, of course, the cat or the kittens. And after the required time, she takes them back to the centre. 

However sad it may be to see them go it is great to know that they go to an amazing forever home with loving carers.