Every year, without fail, thousands of furry seals gather in the bay of Donna Nook. They assemble to nurture their newborns and show of to the very large audience of people who come and observe them. As of the 24th of November, a total of 3579 seals were present on the bay: 1607 pups, 1568 cows and 404 bulls. 

Donna Nook is a coastline which spreads across 6 miles from Grainthorpe Haven to Saltfleet and between November and December this area is lined with thousands of adorable and surprisingly active seals. In 2022, 2209 pups were making it a good breeding season. The grey seals come here each year to give birth right next to the sand dunes. 

Grey seals are pregnant for approximately 11 months and give birth to a singular, live pup. They give birth on land to make sure that the mother survives childbirth through moulting but to also ensure that the mother can relocate her pup during to early stages of their lives. They live for 25-35 years in the wild and these seals will return annually to bay of Donna Nook to birth their own pups. 

Donna Nook is a great place to visit as the animals love to put on a show for their audience and is open all year round, however, seal viewing begins late October and ends early January. Car parking costs £5 but is only open during seal season. And remember, donations are always welcome as they help the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust create environments filled with nature.