ACHIEVING Peace in Society was the topic of an event held at Clarke Foley Community Centre in Ilkley by Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association on Saturday, September 18.

Bob Walker, of Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association - Keighley & Ilkley branch said: "The event was focused around round table discussion between varied members of society, faiths and ethnic backgrounds. It was proactive discussion that identified many aspects of our daily lives where we could improve our contribution to peace in society. Starting from ourselves with a smile, extending greetings to neighbourhood and then impacting wider society in a positive way encouraging a culture of tolerance, acceptance and peace.

"There was an ongoing exhibition, showcasing more than thirty different translations of Holy Quran and highlighting key aspects of Islamic teaching promoting peace in society.

"The exhibition was visited by over 80 local guests and members of community and guests were served with tea, coffee, hot snacks and drinks.

"We plan to hold a similar event later in the year and will be very pleased to see you all at next event."