Ostara: A Night of Acousmatic Sound is coming to Otley Courthouse on Sunday, March 12 (start time: 8pm, ticket price: £6)

Ostara is Otley Courthouse’s first ever sound installation, bringing together three acousmatic composers - Bob Birch, Sam Mitchell, and Rob Harrison - to celebrate the coming of Spring and new beginnings.

A spokesperson for Otley Courthouse said: “The brainchild of Otley resident and Leeds Beckett lecturer, Bob Birch these works have been specially written for the event and for the acoustic space of the Courthouse.

“Combining archive recordings, found sounds and modular synthesizers, the works are played through holosonic speakers positioned all around the room.

“Holosonic speakers are a type of directional audio technology; they create narrow beams of sound, almost like light, with pinpoint accuracy. The sounds will morph and transform based on where they’re situated in the room, and also where the audience chooses to stand.

“The first performance of its kind to take place in a reverberant 19th-century court room, we hope that the sounds of Ostara will immerse you to create a reflective and meditative space.”

Accessibility information: Due to the nature of the event, we would encourage movement and agency, but there will be seating available for anyone that requires additional physical support.