Otley and Yeadon ward

Ken Creek (Conservative) I am a businessman, living locally on Milner Bank in Otley with my wife Margaret. I have two sons, one who recently joined the army at the age of 17 and the other who wants to join the RAF.Over the past year, I have been actively campaigning for Otley and Yeadon on issues such as the Maple Grange Bends, the disruption caused to residents and businesses following Bradford Road's closure, the reinstatement of Yeadon's 966 bus, the poor state of our roads and the number of derelict sites locally.Despite the Lib-Dems having an MP, three city and 17 Otley Town councillors, there is no leadership on any of these issues. They have failed us over the fence, Orchardgate toilets, road repairs and are supporting the widening of Otley Bridge. Furthermore, as my Lib-Dem opponent is also a town councillor he cannot even vote on local issues when they are considered by the City Council.I strongly oppose plans to widen Otley's bridge because of the chaos and disruption it will bring to the town. I oppose an increase in night flying at the Airport and will continue to question why 20 per cent of planned road improvements in Otley and Yeadon were cancelled this year.Once elected I will continue campaigning on behalf of the residents of Otley and Yeadon from day one - not just in the final run up to the election as my tired Lib-Dem opponent has done.

Francis Denning (Alliance for Green Socialism) I am standing for the Alliance for Green Socialism, a party formed by people disillusioned with the apparent lack of will of the mainstream political parties to address such issues as the failure of capitalism and the headlong rush to global climate catastrophe.I have lived in West Yorkshire since 1980 and have worked in the NHS in various locations around the county. Since 1985 I have worked for the NHS mental health provider in Leeds, this has undergone many various incarnations, and is currently a foundation trust. After many years of clinical practice I now manage community mental health services. I live in Otley with my family and would like to think that I maintain an active interest in the town. I enjoy listening to and playing music and have, for 20 years, been part of popular local dance band Bayou Gumbo.I also very much enjoy living in such a beautiful part of the country and the opportunities for walking it offers. I see standing for the council as being an opportunity to offer a different perspective and to raise the profile of an important but neglected political agenda.

John Eveleigh (Labour) John is a well-known local campaigner, who has lived in Otley for over 20 years. Married with three children, he is an elder in the United Reformed Church, a member of Unison and CND. He has worked in the NHS for over 30 years. He currently chairs the following local organisations; Otley Action for Older People - which he helped to establish over ten years ago, Safety on Otley's Roads (SOOR) - the campaign to secure an HGV ban, OFFER - Otley's Fairtrade campaign group. A former mayor of Otley and Leader of the Town Council, he has served as a Governor at Prince Henry's on the management committee of the local CAB, and represented Otley and Wharfedale on Leeds City Council from 1996-2000.John says: "Both Otley and Yeadon need a local councillor who is prepared to listen to local people and to speak up with a strong voice. Our current councillors seem unwilling or unable to do this.'The Lib Dem run City Council has demonstrated it is out of touch - look at their botched sell-off of the airport, their fence in Wharfemeadows and their proposed bridge widening scheme in Otley and bus service cuts and changes in Yeadon." He adds: "Otley and Yeadon deserve better representation - and I urge local residents to vote for change."

Graham Kirkland (Liberal Democrat) Graham Kirkland is one of our area's most experienced and effective councillors. As well as being an active member of the City Council and former Lord Mayor of Leeds, Graham is a long standing member of the West Yorkshire Fire Authority with a particular interest in fire safety in schools and the home.Over the years Graham has been involved in many local campaigns which have brought extra Police Community Support Officers to our streets, CCTV cameras to combat anti-social behaviour, Children's Centres for Yeadon and Otley, improvements to local parks and the imminent town centre refurbishments.Graham is always available through his regular local surgeries and as an outspoken watchdog for Wharfedale Hospital Graham has highlighted the effects of the governments policies on health care and is part of the team which continues to fight to maintain local services.Graham pledges to continue to work for improved local education facilities, protection for local post offices, highway repairs and safety, extra recycling facilities, more street sweeping and a fair deal for Otley and Yeadon. A former GP he is married to doctor Joan Kirkland and has two grown up children, educated in Otley and two grandchildren.

Richard Warrington (British National Party) No details were received.

Dave Webb (Green Party) Dave lives with his partner and they have two children who went to local schools and are now university students. He has lived in Leeds for nearly 30 years and has been active in local, national and international campaigns for peace and the environment throughout that time, working in particular to question the presence of the US Spy-base at Menwith Hill and its role in past present and future war-waging by the US and the UK.He has been a member of the Menwith Hill Forum, which includes local councillors, MPs and concerned local residents since its inception. Dave is vice chairman of the National Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Convenor of Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; Convenor of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space; member of Scientists for Global Responsibility and adviser for the International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation.Researching and teaching on courses involving engineering and peace and conflict resolution at Leeds Metropolitan University enables Dave to understand and express some of the major issues facing the world today and how we may tackle these at a national and local level.

Adel and Wharfedale ward

Barry Anderson (Conservative) Councillor Anderson lives in the Adel & Wharfedale Ward and has been a councillor since 1999. He is 48-years-old and has been married to Caroline for 24 years.He has gained a reputation as a hard-working councillor and is recognised as being approachable and working for the best interests of all his constituents.He ensures that residents are regularly consulted so that their views are reflected and heard by the relevant council departments in terms of local concerns and opinion.Barry was a governor at Pool C of E Primary school for many years and still continues his relationship with the school.He also attends the majority of the Pool Parish Council meetings to provide help and support.Barry has recently introduced e-news bulletins which residents can sign up to. These are non-political and keep residents up to date with what is going on in their own locality.Away from politics Barry enjoys watching sport; continuing to support Hibernian, playing golf and has seen a number of rugby games at Otley this season.Councillors Les Carter and Clive Fox work alongside Coun Ander-son and they stress that he never gives up until an acceptable solution to a problem has been found.

Neil Harland (British National Party) No details were received.

Doreen ILLINGWORTH (Labour) Doreen has lived in Leeds for more than 30 years. A former Heading-ley Councillor, she is a scientist working at Leeds University and is married to Councillor John Illingworth, long standing representative for Kirkstall, with two adult daughters. Doreen is a long time Labour Party and community activist, and when not campaigning she can often be found tending her allotment, persuading unusual vegetables to thrive oop North'. My experience and skills mean that I am ready to represent Adel and Wharfedale residents from the the very first day. As a resident of Adel and Wharfedale, it matters to me personally that this catalogue of neglect and failure ends, now. The Tory/Lib Dem coalition have wasted £1m on marketing and PR', while increasing charges and Council Tax by a whopping 4.7 per cent. In May, your vote could end the failure, for Adel and Wharfedale and for Leeds.

Dr Paul Marchant (Green Party) I came to Leeds over 30 years ago to study for my PhD in astrophysics. I remain here and live with my wife and two children. Since that earlier time I have become a Chartered Statistician and work in a university.As a Green I am interested in evidence and policy. It is shocking that policies are implemented with little good evidence and that little effort is taken to find out if they really work.Science tells us that the Earth and its resources are finite; we need to respect scientific principles to ensure we do not run ourselves into serious trouble. Scientific laws can't be bucked. As large parts of the world industrialise, it becomes even more important for us in Britain to live sustainably.I believe that human contentment for all is as important as one-dimensional conventional economics. We can live happy and fulfilled lives with lighter environmental impact. The local council may seem a small arena but the maxim think globally, act locally' makes a lot of sense.

Christina Shaw (Liberal Democrat) I live in Bramhope with my husband David. I have two grown-up children and a lovely grandson. I am a retired teacher of French and was a member of Leeds Phil-harmonic Society for 25 years. I love singing, so I am happy in St Giles, Bramhope church choir. I am also a member of the St Giles branch of the Children's Society. As a member of OPAL I enjoy listening to children read in Bramhope Primary School.It means a great deal to me to be able to serve my local community. I have been actively helping residents, not giving up till their problems are solved. And I am doing all I can to preserve our environment by striving to improve public transport and preventing the infilling of back gardens with multiple dwellings.I am looking at increasing road safety, especially in Pool, where there are dangerous exits onto Pool Bank and am hoping to get an appropriate speed limit on Moorland Road, Bramhope.This year I have been pleased to attend all parish council and residents' group meetings and would be delighted to represent all of Adel and Wharfedale, if I am elected.

Guiseley & Rawdon

Colin Avison (Green Party) No details were received.

Gareth Christie (Alliance For Green Socialism) No details were received.

Cindy Cleasby (Liberal Democrat) I have lived in Guiseley and Rawdon all my life so I am well aware of the concerns for the future of the old Aireborough villages and if elected will work extremely hard for the area, safeguarding it for generations to come.As a Liberal Democrat I am committed to tackling local issues, such as traffic congestion with local solutions. Liberal Democrats have a record in Leeds of working with residents, voluntary organisations and local businesses to achieve these aims.I am a local town councillor and have been a school governor for over 12 years.In my spare time I have an allotment and volunteer with a number of local organisations.The Liberal Democrats in Leeds are working for the whole City investing millions on roads, housing, community policing and school buildings whilst saving millions by cutting waste. Liberal Democrats are providing support for the elderly to continue living independently in the communities they grew up in. Liberal Democrats are at the forefront of campaigning to keep our local Post Offices open.

Mike King (Labour) I have lived in Guiseley for the past 12 years. I have worked closely for some years with local residents and Paul Truswell MP in opposing excessive developments (High Royds, Silver Cross, Crompton Parkinson are just three examples), promoting road safety measures, and protecting green space.I am married to Sylvia and we have two children, Louise who attends Trinity and All Saints College and George who attends Guiseley School. I was a member of the Governing Body at Tranmere Park Primary School and am currently chairman of the Governing Body at Guiseley School.The excessive housing the Council is allowing in the Guiseley area and its consequential impact on the local infrastructure increasingly concerns people. I have committed myself to campaign for a proper Action Plan and to vigourously oppose excessive developments. Other key issues are: the need to deal effectively with the level of on street parking in Guiseley, the future of Aireborough leisure centre, tackling anti-social behaviour, doing more for the environment, particularly on recycling facilities; and repairs to our roads.

Graham Latty (Conservative) I have served this ward as a councillor since 2000 and in that time I think and hope that I have made a difference.I have brought local affairs within the grasp of local people through the Committees, Forums and Public Meetings that I have chaired and at which residents have had the opportunity to question Council Officers on a whole range of concerns and problems.I have opposed the rampant development which has threatened to blight our area and have helped to obtain benefits for the area from developers.As a member of the ruling administration on the Council I have been party to ensuring that record levels have been spent on our roads, pavements and public spaces, that we have five PCSOs, a Redevelopment Plan for Yeadon and a Council Funded Parking Survey of Guiseley.

Wayne Taylor (British National Party) No details were received.


Patricia Capstick (Green) Patricia Capstick has three sons and eight grandchildren. She is chair of her local community centre and a co-ordinator of her local Neighbourhood Watch. Pat is concerned about road safety and favours 20mile per hour zones. Pat also wants to keep areas tidy and would like to see fly tippers caughtand fined and this published as a warning to others. Her hobbies include gardening and line dancing.

Ann Castle (Conservative) I'm married to Graham and we live right in the heart of the Harewood ward, in the village of Thorner. Our daughter is now grown up and has "flown the nest". I've been a councillor in Leeds for 18 years and during that time I've built up a wealth of experience and a whole bank of useful contracts.I currently serve as Lead Member for neighbourhoods and housing and I'm historic environment champion for the city.I believe it is important to find out what people want from the services the council provides and I spend a lot of time listening to the people I represent. I attend many community events in my ward, hold regular surgeries and encourage people to contact me by e-mail, telephone or letter.I work for a small firm of independent financial advisers in Leeds and when time permits I enjoy walking in the Yorkshire Dales, going to the theatre and listening to music.

Ben CHAPMAN (Liberal Democrat) No details were received.

Fiona Christie (Alliance for Green Socialism) No details were received.

Darren GIBSON (British National Party) No details were received.

David Nagle (Labour) I have five years experience as a primary school governor, and for four of those years I was the chairman. Since then I have been an elected member of my Parish Council and have been chairman for the last four years. This experience has given me valuable knowledge about how education, housing , planning , policing and care in the community work at the local and city level. I am used to working successfully on behalf of residents with Leeds City councillors and with our local MP, Colin Burgon.I enjoy being able to assist residents and I understand the need to be easily available to them. I believe I am now able to take on the responsibilities of a City councillor and look forward to representing the villages and communities that make up the Harewood Ward, if the electors give me that chance.I am a member of the GMB union, and I co-chair Leeds Coalition Against the War.I work as a commercial assistant for an asset management company in Leeds. My daughter is taking her A-levels at a local school.My interests include hiking, swimming, cycling and reading. I am a member of the National Trust and of the YHA.

Horsforth ward

Ian Asquith (British National Party) No details were received.

Andrea BINNS (Green Party) No details were received.

Nigel Gill (Labour) First of all I would like to say to the electors of Horsforth if you want change you will need to vote Labour, as a vote for the Conservatives means a vote for the Lib Dems and vice-versa (as both parties are in coalition in Leeds).A vote for me will also ensure the cuts in services will cease and the end of Lib Dems and Conservative kow-towing' to their Leeds City bosses.One of the main cuts is bus service cuts.The Lib Dems and Conservatives both claim to be parties of the environment. So why are they cutting bus services and forcing Horsforth commuters to Leeds into their cars? After all the A65 is already busy and chaotic at rush hour. I would fight for these services to be restored.Secondly, after the Conservatives and Lib Dems privatised the airport where is Horsforth's share of the sale? If I'm elected I will fight for Horsforth's share of the sale which could fund public transport, road safety and traffic management.

Richard Hardcastle (Conservative) Since retiring early from a career in the Civil Service I have devotedmuch of my time to serving the community as a town councillor.I have lived in Horsforth for over 30 years, and am married with one grown up daughter.My family connections have given me an interest in education and this has led me to become the chairman of governors at Westbrook Lane School as well as to other posts in education in Leeds. I serve on the town council planning, finance, community, public safety and environment committees.In my spare time I am an amateur radio enthusiast and an official of the British Automobile Racing Club, officiating at races across the country including Rally GB and Harewood Speed Hill Climb.I believe that there are several issues crying out for attention in Horsforth and Rawdon.The planned expansion of Leeds Trinity College must be managed to minimise the impact on the area.There is tremendous pressure on the infrastructure, particularly the road network, due to continued house building. This leads to rat running in residential streets indiscriminate parking.I am very conscious that at least one post office in the area will be under threat of closure.

Chris Townsley (Liberal Democrat) I am 58 years old, married and have two children. I have lived and worked in Horsforth for 37 years.I am currently one of the three Horsforth Ward councillors, having been first elected in 1990.I am a retired Insurance agent and having worked in Horsforth, for many years I know the people and area well.I am president of the Horsforth Historical Society and Museum and president of the Horsforth Choral Society.I am the chairman of the NW Outer Area Committee a governor of Horsforth High School, and a member of the Horsforth Civic Society.My hard work for the city was rewarded when I was elected to the position of the Lord Mayor of Leeds in 2004/5. Since I was elected I have committed myself totally to dealing with the many types of problems my constituents, bring to me.I will always fight for a fair deal' for the residents of Horsforth and Rawdon.You have held your trust in me in the past and I ask you once again for your support in the forthcoming elections and to re-elect me so that I can finish the job I started out to do. Keeping a successful Liberal Democrat team together is important

Bradford Council
Wharfedale Ward

Philip Ferriby (Labour) Philip Ferriby is the Labour Party Candidate for the Wharfdale Ward, He is 55 years old and works as a works manager in a fabrication Engineering business, and he has been married to Sarah for over 20 years. His interests are community and Enviromental issues and he has a keen interest in accessibility for local communities to the the Railway Network, Philip who comes from a farming background is the proud owner of vintage farming machinery and a Tractor on which he takes part in fund raising for local charities, he is also a keen gardener who grows Fruit and Vegetables in his spare time.

Richard Howson (Green) Richard Howson is your Green Party candidate for the Wharfedale Ward on May 1st. He first came to Ilkley in 1978, has lived locally since and in Burley for the last four years. He has worked primarily as a gardener for forty years and been involved in urban gardening and farm projects in London and Leeds. Currently he's a gardener/supervisor for an Aireborough charity providing services to elderly and disabled people. Richard is 57 and has two children now both grown and flown. He enjoys his own garden, cycling and walking and is an active member of several local and national groups promoting these and other environmental issues with a particular interest in transport. "Over the years I've seen how Green Issues have moved from the outer limits of politics to become core concerns for many despite a lot of disillusionment with politics and politicians. Voting Green is not just about winning seats at election times, it's a way of pushing these issues up the political agenda at a time when the sustainability of Wharfedale is becoming increasingly challenging."

Dale Smith Conservative) My wife and I have three children, and five grandchildren. I count myself fortunate to have always lived in Menston and I have tried to serve the neighbourhood conscientiously since first being elected to Ilkley Urban District Council at the age of 23 and I actively support many local organisations. I am Chairman of Governors of Menston Primary School and Chairman of Menston Abbeyfield as well as being a director of Shipley Paint and Motorman Operator at Shipley Glen Tramway. I am Deputy Leader of the Council and responsible for Vulnerable Adults and the Elderly. As well as being an elected member of Bradford Chamber Commerce and a governor of Bradford College, I serve on several governing bodies of local schools as a "critical friend". I will champion the individual, campaign to close the gaps in inequalities and work to help communities respect and understand each other. I will work diligently for Burley and Menston and the whole district.

Vernon Whelan (Liberal Democrat) I was born a Southerner and, until I left home to get married, lived close to Heathrow Airport. I obtained a degree in Environmental Health from the University of Aston in Birmingham and after working as an Environmental Health Officer for West Bromwich Council was fortunate, in 1973, to be offered a lecturing post at Leeds Polytechnic. We decided that Burley-in-Wharfedale seemed a good place to live and thirty five years later we are still so pleased with that choice. I remember that, many years ago, I was moaning to somebody about the poor state of our public services and them telling me that if I wasn't prepared to get involved then I hadn't any right to complain. I took thus to heart! I was an early member of Burley Community Council and am now delighted with the success of Burley Parish Council which has superseded the Community Council. I have served on Ilkley Parish Council, as a school governor and I am an active member of Burley Millennium Theatre Group. I have a Masters degree in Environmental Pollution and so am aware of the importance of sound local environmental management.