FORMER Otley woman Lynn Walker is presenting her overview on the current human rights situation in and the key issues facing Zimbabwean civil society including Amnesty International Zimbabwe..

The country was in the news frequently during Robert Mugabe’s dramatic removal in 2017 and then during the violent election aftermath of 2018.

This year Zimbabwe requested re-entry to the Commonwealth but has largely slipped out of the news.

Lynn moved from Otley to Zimbabwe over 30 years ago and has, since that time, worked in education and then in the non-governmental sector in child protection, the promotion and defence of human rights and peace building. Lynn is currently a Board member for Amnesty International Zimbabwe and is also the Promotion of Truth thematic sector lead of the Zimbabwean National Transitional Justice Working Group.

The talk is hosted by Wharfedale Amnesty - everybody is welcome. It will be at Christchurch, The Grove, Ilkley, September 8 at 8pm.