A CYCLIST seriously injured when he was hit by a car has spoken of his determination to overcome his ordeal and ‘live life to the full.’

Ilkley Grammar School biology teacher Ryan Scott, 34, was cycling in Menston when a car being driven in the opposite direction turned right across his path and collided with him.

He briefly lost consciousness at the scene and was taken by ambulance to hospital. He was found to have sustained a catalogue of serious injuries including a head injury, knee injury, back injury and rib fractures, a sprained ankle, and cuts and bruises.

Ryan remained in hospital for two nights, before being discharged into the care of his girlfriend, Kay, who moved in with him.

Following the incident in October 2020, Ryan, from Baildon, instructed serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell to help him access the specialist rehabilitation and therapies he requires as part of his recovery.

He’s now joining with his legal team in marking Cycling UK’s Bike Week by revealing his determination to get his life back on track. This comes after the driver’s insurers admitted liability, funding Ryan’s rehabilitation.

David King, the specialist serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Ryan, said: “Ryan sustained a number of serious injuries through no fault of his own when he was knocked off his bike. However, he has displayed such a positive and determined approach to his rehabilitation which is inspirational to see.

“His story is a vivid reminder of the consequences that road users can be left to face as a result of the actions of others. Welcome changes to the Highway Code have been introduced this year to try and protect vulnerable road users such as cyclists more. We join Ryan in urging road users to remain safe at all times.

“We’ll continue to support Ryan as he progresses with his recovery.”

The incident took place at around 6.50am on 9 October, 2020, as Ryan cycled along Bradford Road, Menston. At the time, he was wearing a high visibility jacket and helmet, with his front and rear bike headlamps on.

Following the crash, Ryan suffered from cognitive difficulties, reduced mobility, pain and fatigue. However, his condition has significantly improved with help from rehabilitation including occupational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, physiotherapy and neuropsychology. He has also undergone reconstruction surgery to correct his knee injury.

He continues to teach full-time at Ilkley Grammar School, but occasionally struggles with fatigue.

Prior to his injuries, he enjoyed mountain biking which he briefly returned to before he underwent knee surgery. He has not yet returned to road cycling because of his psychological issues and his bike is also damaged beyond repair.

Ryan said: “I don’t really remember much about the crash as I was briefly knocked unconscious. The first thing I can remember is being put into the back of an ambulance.

“I was devastated to learn the extent of my injuries as I knew it probably meant not being able to do things for myself. My partner, Kay, moved in and took care of me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

“Since the crash, I’ve struggled both physically and emotionally. I threw myself back into work as soon as I could, but my injuries still affect me to this day. My bike is a crumpled mess beyond repair and I can’t see me ever going back to road cycling as a result of what happened.

“However, I know I’m lucky to be alive and the therapies I’ve had access to have helped a lot. All I want to do now is live life to the full and share my story to show others what can happen if they don’t take care on the roads. I wouldn’t wish anyone else to suffer like I have.”

Organised by Cycling UK, Bike Week runs from 6 to 12 June. This year’s theme is about encouraging people to get out and enjoy their community by bike, with Cycling UK continuing to campaign for improved safety for cyclists. Find out more at www.cyclinguk.org/bikeweek.

Irwin Mitchell also recently contributed to the Government’s Highway Code consultation. For more information and how new rules affect all road users visit https://bit.ly/3lVe6mx.