"Bicentenary Doors" have been officially opened at the Bridge United Reformed Church in Otley.

The Moderator of the Yorkshire Synod of the United Reformed Church, Reverend Jamie Kissack formally opened the new front doors, to be known as the "Bicentenary Doors", as they have been planned and installed during the 200th Anniversary year of the Independent, and later the Congregationalist, church in Otley.

The new doors have been installed to open up the front of the church allowing passers by to see inside and they allow much more light into the vestibule area which has also been refurbished at the same time. Energy efficiency is also improved as the original doors, installed when the current building was built over 120 years ago and had become ill-fitting and draughty.

In his opening ceremony Reverend Kissack said the doors "would speak to the world reminding us that the worship we offer is a worship that never turns its back on the real world outside; that the faith we live and share is open-hearted, outward looking and inclusive; and that our mission is a mission of opening doors, inviting in and venturing out courageously."