THE ferocious Australian revenge drama The Nightingale is Ilkley Film Society’s next screening on Sunday, May 22 (8pm Ilkley Playhouse).

Clare is a young Irish woman, a transported convict in Tasmania in 1825, who has served enough of her sentence to be eligible for a letter of recommendation which would free her, her husband and her baby from servitude. When she presses the British army officer in charge for the letter the result is an appallingly violent attack on the whole family. Clare flees into the Tasmanian wilderness bent on revenge, aided by Billy, an aboriginal tracker. The fate of the original inhabitants of Tasmania at the hands of British colonists is a thread which tuns through the film.

The Nightingale is very strong meat, and one of the few films in the film society’s season to carry an 18 certificate. It is director Jennifer Kent’s second film, following the internationally successful horror film The Babadook, and picked up six prizes at the Australian Academy Awards.

In response to members’ requests the society has decided that future screenings of non-UK English language films will be projected with hard-of-hearing subtitles, The Nightingale included.

Non-members are welcome as guests but should phone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 to reserve tickets (£4). The society is currently preparing its programme for next season and prospective new members are invited to leave contact details via the website at