GUISELEY will have to wait for a new playing surface at Nethermoor.

They had been hoping to have an artificial pitch in place for next season, but Leeds City Council's intervention has prevented them from doing so.

In a club update, Guiseley said: "Contrary to previous advice, we have recently been advised that Leeds City Council deem the pitch renovation to be classified as “engineering works” thereby requiring planning permission.

"The window of opportunity that we have during the off-season is therefore insufficient.

"The installation of the new artificial pitch will be deferred until the 2022/23 close season.

"While this decision was not taken lightly and is hugely disappointing for those who have been working behind the scenes, it was the right thing to do."

Providing further clarification, they added: "There have been a few questions raised as to why we are taking this step and hopefully the following will illustrate the thinking behind this scheme.

"The financial backing of individual non-league football clubs has been increasing exponentially over the last few years and there is a limit at which one can ask individuals to continually increase their contributions year on year.

"Therefore, we need to look to a more sustainable model.

"A playing surface that hosts first team matches, is the training and playing focus for the academy, increases availability for juniors, women and recreational football and allows the Community Foundation more scope to develop is not to be sniffed at.

"The income from the pitch will allow the club to develop facilities within the ground – new changing rooms, additional lavatories, catering outlets and maybe even some covered stands?

"We hope that you will support us in this era of the club’s development and look forward to the positive changes this will bring."