THE mother of allegedly murdered toddler Star Hobson said she “didn’t think” about the danger she was putting her daughter in by spending the night with the woman who allegedly repeatedly assaulted her.

Under cross-examination from prosecutor Alistair MacDonald QC, Frankie Smith said while injuries to 16-month-old Star “horrified” her, she didn’t think about it when spending the night at work with Savannah Brockhill.

Smith, Brockhill and Star stayed overnight in a van together at Brockhill’s work on September 17, 2020, five days before Star’s death and just four days after Star returned from a weekend stay at work with Brockhill covered in bruises.

Under questioning from Mr MacDonald, Smith said she was “suspicious” Brockhill had assaulted Star that weekend at the recycling plant in Doncaster, but still went with her - with Star in tow - a few days later because she “loved her”.

When asked how she could “spend the night with woman who caused these injuries to your daughter”, Smith said she didn’t know.

Asked why she still said she loved Brockhill at this point, she said she did, adding: “I was suspicious at this point but I’d not seen her do anything.”

Asked if the thought of Brockhill assaulting her child was horrifying, she said: “I didn’t think she could have done something like that to a child.”

Asked if she thought how terrifying it must have been for Star to be back trapped in a vehicle with a woman who attacked her a few days earlier, Smith said she didn’t think about it.

Asked if she considered the risk she was putting Star under or the damage it was causing her, Smith said she didn’t.

Mr MacDonald also asked Smith why the only time Star was taken to see a doctor was when social services were called by Star’s father Jordan, when she was escorted to hospital by police, she said she didn’t know.

Mr MacDonald suggested it was because she and Brockhill had been abusing Star, Smith said she never hurt her daughter.

Smith, 20, of Wesley Place, Keighley, and Brockhill, 28, of Hawthorn Close, Keighley, both deny murdering Star on September 22, 2020, and also deny causing or allowing her death.

Star died of "catastrophic" abdominal injuries caused by blunt force trauma, severing the main vein in the lower part of her body.

The trial continues.