PRINCE Henry's Grammar School has been praised as "a good school with some outstanding features" by Government inspectors.

An Ofsted report on an inspection carried out on December 11 also says the Otley school's Specialist Language College status "has had a very positive effect on standards and achievement."

It continues: "Interest in learning languages is now thriving. Through sharing its language teaching expertise, the school also makes an outstanding contribution to local schools and community language learning.

"The specialism has also contributed to the students' personal development, in particular their strong awareness of their global citizenship."

The inspectors go on to praise the general level of educational standards and achievements at the school - and its caring ethos.

"Prince Henry's Grammar School is a good school with outstanding features. Students join the school with slightly above average standards overall and make good progress as a result of challenging and skilful teaching.

"Standards in English, mathematics and science are well above average by the end of Key Stage 3.

"Significantly more students go on to gain five or more top grades in GCSE, including English and mathematics, than is found nationally.

"The behaviour of students at this school is outstanding. This is a strongly inclusive comprehensive school, where more vulnerable groups of students consistently make better than expected progress as a result of excellent care, support and guidance.

"Standards are above average overall and indicate a rising trend since the last inspection.

"The quality of teaching and learning in the Sixth Form is good and there are examples of outstanding practice. Appropriate levels of challenge are typical in lessons. Care, support and guidance are outstanding."

Prince Henry's head teacher John Steel was pleased with the report. He said: "It is really good that the school has received an excellent report which outlines our pre-eminence as a specialist language college. "The successes shown in the report are testimony to all the hard work of students, staff, parents and supporters of the school".

The inspectors did highlight mathematics as an area that needed work, however, noting that: "standards are only slightly above average and in this subject, achievement is no better than adequate, particularly in Key Stage 4." But they agreed that the strategy already adopted by the school to raise achievements in maths was "appropriate and effective".

Prince Henry's, which celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2007, has consistently been praised for its academic achievements, although recent inspections have highlighted the unsatisfactory state of some of its buildings. Its 2004 Ofsted report noted that "accommodation is unsatisfactory or poor in several areas despite the very good efforts by staff at all levels and puts some constraints on the ability of the school to raise standards further."

But the creation of a new £5 million. 11 laboratory science block (due to open early this year) has addressed some of those concerns.