AN ANALYSIS of some of the threats facing the West was given by Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University, in a talk to Forum 2000.

The talk analysed the last year from the point of view of peace and war.

A Forum 2000 spokeswoman said: "Each year, since the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the chaos which ensued with the Soviet Union disintegrating and the US strutting and posturing making sure that its Cold War Enemy appreciated its humiliation to the full, Professor Rogers has predicted the dire consequences of taunting a still powerful enemy."

She added: "By choosing to attack Afghanistan then failing to consolidate success there the West left a vacuum which Al Qaida filled and heavy losses resulted in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya- Paul discussed these and suggested that they will be as counter-productive as previous tactics. Tackling climate change and global economic injustice is the real answer to the threat of war a message Paul has reiterated for many years."

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