THE children at Moorfield School and Nursery came to school recently to discover that their playground had been turned into a zip wire ride. Fortunately, it was for teddies and not the children! Squeals of joy could be heard from all around as the children enjoyed seeing their teddy ‘zipping’ down the 40m ride, from a top floor classroom, across the playground and right down to the front gate.

The teddies paid for each ride and the money raised from this event will go towards buying a defibrillator for the community around Moorfield School. Mrs Turner-Thompson, Year 6 teacher said: “Following on from our Heart Day where the children learnt first aid and emergency skills, including CPR, we felt that the next step was to help our local community. There are quite a few defibrillators in Ilkley but not in this immediate area along Ben Rhydding Road and beyond. The children thought it was essential to have one, so the School Council has decided to raise money especially for this very good cause.”

So far, the children have raised £100 towards their target of £1500, which they are hoping to reach by the end of this academic year.

For more information about this fundraising initiative or to find out more about the school, please email Moorfield at