A CYCLIST seriously injured when he was hit by a car has spoken of his determination to look to the future after lawyers secured him a settlement.

Jorge Silva-Piris was cycling towards Harrogate on the A658 Pool Bank New Road in Pool in Wharfedale, when a car turned right across his path.

The 49-year-old was airlifted by ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary with a bleed on the brain. He also suffered nasal fractures, dental injuries, scarring and cuts and bruises.

Jorge, who is married to Suzanne, is marking the second anniversary of the crash, which happened just after 2.30pm on 21 November, 2019, by supporting Road Safety Week.

Organised by Brake, the theme of this year’s campaign is Road Safety Heroes, celebrating the work of road safety professionals.

Jorge, a supermarket shift leader, said: “I was out for a regular bike ride on a route I had taken many times when all of a sudden the car turned across me. I knew straight away I was in trouble but there was nothing I could do. It all happened so quickly.

“The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital.

“While I have been able to get back to work, it has been far from easy, with my injuries causing me various problems, but luckily I am in a far better place now.

“The last couple of years have been a real challenge but the support I’ve had from everyone, including the emergency services that came to my help, the doctors and my family, means so much to me. Getting treatment so quickly after the crash and starting rehab so soon has made a real difference in my recovery.

“I just hope that by speaking out people are aware of the consequences others can be left to face because of accidents on the roads. It’s important that others in a similar situation to what I was in don’t feel they have to go through the pain alone. There is support available.”

Following the crash Jorge, of West Yorkshire, instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate and help him access the rehabilitation and therapies he required. The driver’s insurers admitted liability for the collision.

Alan Ball, the serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office who represents Jorge, said: “Jorge and his family have faced an incredibly tough couple of years as they attempted to come to terms with the injuries he suffered through no fault of his own.

“We are pleased to have been able to secure a settlement for Jorge, which included being able to obtain interim payments so Jorge could have early rehabilitation. This included access to a specialist case manager, neuropsychology and physiotherapy which has been instrumental in helping Jorge’s recovery.

“The settlement will hopefully allow Jorge and his family to put this matter behind them.

“Jorge’s story also highlights the fantastic work the emergency services carry out in helping people involved in crashes but also the consequences other road users can be left to face through others not paying attention.”

The Department for Transport is currently proposing changes to the Highway Code by creating a hierarchy of road users, with pedestrians and cyclists being classed as the most vulnerable.

One of the proposals - under rule H3 - will require motorists to give priority to cyclists when the driver is turning in or out of a junction or changing direction or lane.

Alan Ball added: “Given we represent people on a daily basis whose lives have been shattered as a result of death or serious injury on our roads, we support the proposed changes to The Highway Code as a welcome revision to assist all road users and improve road safety.”

Road Safety Week runs from 15-21 November and is organised by the charity Brake. This year’s theme is Road Safety Heroes and aims to celebrate those who work to improve road safety.