NEW recycling ‘on-the-go’ bins are to be launched in Otley this month, building on the success of the 2018 ground-breaking city centre scheme.

The eye-catching bright orange and yellow bins will soon be found in six districts, including Otley, making it easier for people to recycle their cans, plastic bottles, and coffee cups.

In the city centre, in the first year after their introduction, the bins led to over 114,000 cans, 116,000 coffee cups and more than 153,000 bottles being recycled. Alongside a promotional campaign led by Zero Waste Leeds and collaboration with business the introduction of the bins meant the number of people recycling in the city centre tripled, from 17 per cent to 49 per cent.

The bins will be in Otley, Chapel Allerton, Headingley, Garforth, Morley, and Wetherby and are being paid for with a grant from the Waste and Resources Action Programme. The council will take on the responsibility to empty the bins and take waste for recycling. The scheme is also being supported by Zero Waste Leeds, working with the council to raise awareness around the importance of out of home recycling.

Cllr Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for environment and housing, said: "This additional recycling provision forms part of the city’s continued commitment to promote recycling and make it easier for all residents and will play a key role in helping facilitate the city’s ambition to transform Leeds into a city that recycles at home and on the go and ultimately becoming carbon neutral by 2030."

Rob Greenland, Co-Director, Zero Waste Leeds, said:"Over 50 per cent of items thrown into the average litter bin in Leeds could be recycled - mostly things like plastic bottles, drinks cans and coffee cups. Obviously this is a real waste - and that's why we're supporting the Council to help to get the word out to people living and working in the six suburbs of Leeds about the new on-the-go recycling bins in their area.We'll also be sharing lots of tips for even better ways to cut down on waste - such as encouraging people to take a reusable water bottle or reusable coffee cup with them when they're out and about - great ways to save money and do your bit for the environment. To find out more follow us @zerowasteleeds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter."