LAW and crime will be examined in the autumn programme at Washburn Heritage Centre.

A spokesperson for the centre, which is based at Fewston Church, said: "The Washburn Heritage Centre is delighted to announce the new programme for the coming autumn: Law Makers & Law Breakers The Trial of the Timble Witches, the beat of local bobby PC Daniel Fox circa the 1870s, poaching, murder – we have some clues about the law making and law-breaking preoccupations of past times in the Washburn Valley.

"Our new programme, from October 2021 to January 2022, will explore these heritage themes and bring you up to date with expert speakers about law, crime and science today, interesting walks and a bit of fun."

Visit for details of events.

The centre has two permanent exhibitions and it has temporary exhibitions on display throughout the year. Information from past exhibitions is available from its archive.