YOGA clubs are re-opening in Ilkley and Addingham.

Ilkley Yoga Club will meet weekly from Thursday, September 9 at 7.30 in Christchurch on the Grove. Addingham Yoga Circle will meet weekly during term time from Monday, September 13, at 7.30 in the primary school hall.

A spokeswoman said: "Both groups welcome people with some experience of Hatha yoga as well as complete beginners, and all postures and balances are carefully taught. Yoga is not competitive, and everyone works at their own level.

"If you would like to improve your flexibility, balance and focus, and are interested in joining one of these groups please contact Margaret Scott on 01943 431248, 07914 700538, or email"

On its website Ikley Yoga Club says: "We practise Hatha yoga, which involves holding various postures, short flowing sequences and balances, designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles, improve balance and posture, and improve the functioning of the body. We also use a variety of breathing exercises and ways of relaxing in order to enhance mindfulness and improve well-being."