THE archives of the Ilkley Motor Club start with the very first meeting in 1910 when the Notice of the Meeting and the report of the Formation of the Club in the local Free Press and the Ilkley Gazette, were the first items in the Club’s Scrapbook.

It recorded the naming of the Club as “The Ilkley and District Motor Cycle Club” and the Club became affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union and the Royal Automobile Club.

Events, activities and photos were recorded up to 1914 and beginning of The Great War. Thereafter the Archive continued to be brought up to date with press cuttings, Minutes of Meetings, programmes, photos and lots of research to give a very interesting insight into the Club’s history.

Regular features in the present Club Newsletter include items from 100, 50 and 21 years ago and it is very satisfying to be able to congratulate members on their 50th or 21st birthdays. A special badge is presented to those who have served the Club for 50 consecutive years.

When looking back through the archives, it is not surprising to find that so many places have changed and yet some are still visible, today, although in a slightly different location. Where some of the photos published here have originated from is something of a mystery!

With the lifting of some Covid restrictions, the Governing Bodies of Motor Sport - the Auto-Cycle Union and Motorsport UK - have started to issue permits for some Motor Club events and recently three of the popular Wednesday Club Night events have run. The autotest meeting was held on private land at Guiseley and two separate Car Trials have been held on private land at Otley. This has been very successful, after such a long period of inactivity and has given some of the younger family members the chance to compete.

The minimum age for Car Trial competitors is 14 and 14 year old Ruby (competing with her grand-dad) and Joseph, also 14, (competing with his dad) have shown maturity and skill as they develop their car control in a safe environment.

After celebrating his 90th birthday in May, experienced driver, Malcolm Rainforth, enjoyed his return to motor sport in July by winning his Class in the Car Trial. He was sharing the drive with John Brogden in his Toyota Yaris.

The ‘Filtrate Trophy’ Car Trial was the second of a ‘double header’ (events on both Saturday and Sunday) for the National MSUK/ BTRDA and ANWCC Championships and held on private land, near Bolton Abbey.

As well as local competitors, some had travelled from as far afield as Somerset, Bala in Wales, Gloucester, Liverpool and Scotland and with an overnight stop in the area, after Saturday’s competition, some extended their stay to enjoy even more of the Yorkshire countryside after Sunday’s event.

The Overall winner of the ‘Filtrate Trophy’ (presented to the Club in 1933) was Brian Colman of Silsden (pictured top left) with an excellent day’s drive in his Dutton Phaeton, over the 32 sections.

He also won the ‘Best Ilkley’ award. He was presented with the Trophy by Clerk of Course, Henry Kitching, a regular competitor himself and a former MSA National Car Trial Champion and BTRDA Gold Star Champion.