THE CAMPAIGN for Pubs is objecting to plans to turn a historic inn into housing.

The permanent closure of the Half Moon Inn, in Pool-in-Wharfedale, would deprive the village of an important community venue, campaigners say.

A planning application has been submitted to Leeds City Council for the partial demolition and conversion of the pub, which dates back to the 18th century.

The inn was sold last July after being on the market since almost the start of 2020.

Now it is included in an application submitted on behalf of Half Moon Garage Ltd, which is next door to the pub. The car repair business wants to redevelop its garage site and to convert the pub into a house. The application is for the partial demolition and change of use of the former public house to a dwelling and four new dwellings at Half Moon Garage in Main Street.The campaign is calling for the pub to be taken out of the scheme so that the rest of the application can be considered without it.

In its submission the Campaign for Pubs says: "We are objecting to this application because it includes converting the historic Half Moon Inn, Pool-in-Wharfedale which would mean its permanent and unjustified destruction and the loss of this important community amenity. We are objecting specifically to this part of the application, which must be refused, as the case has not been made, according to planning law, to justify the conversion and permanent loss of this public house and community amenity. "

It adds: "We note and welcome that the member of Parliament for Leeds North West, Alex Sobel MP has objected to the application."

Campaign Director Greg Mulholland said: "The Half Moon, Pool-in-Wharfedale, is an important and historic village inn and it must not be sacrificed merely to form part of wider development. The importance of pubs is explicitly enshrined in the National Planning Policy Framework and it states that councils should seek to plan positively for the provision of pubs and to resist their loss and specifically to guard against the unnecessary loss of such valued facilities.

“This would clearly be the 'unnecessary' loss of this historic pub. The Half Moon was sold during the pandemic and its permanent closure is simply not justified in community or planning terms and we implore the owner to instead engage with us, with Leeds CAMRA and with the local community as to how it can be reopened as a pub and a thriving one, in local hands as opposed to the hands of a distant property company.

"The permanent closure of the Half Moon would change the character of Pool and take away an important community venue. so we urge the Council to reject this application to allow the Half Moon to again serve Pool as it has done for so many years."