LACROSSE is taking off at Guiseley School after a donation of sports equipment.

The donation this year allowed the school to introduce lacrosse as a team sport.

Guiseley School PE teacher Reece Eagle said the lacrosse community is much smaller than that of traditional team sports such as football, rugby and netball and it is therefore easier for players and coaches from around the world to have one shared vision - to grow the game.

He said:"Ever since I became a teacher, it has always been my intention to introduce as many students as possible to the game in the hope that they too can experience some of the wonderful lessons that lacrosse can teach.

"Last year we discussed the possibility of introducing lacrosse into the curriculum but the initial equipment cost of almost £2,000 made this unrealistic.

"I reached out to the lacrosse community and was delighted to hear from Centurion Lacrosse Club, who kindly agreed to cover the cost of this equipment."

The school says students have been fantastic at adapting to the demands of learning a new sport and that they have shown great determination and resilience when they have found it hard and shown excellent cooperation to work as a team.

The overwhelming feeling so far is that students have really enjoyed learning a new sport.

Mr Eagle said; "It really is great to see students back in PE lessons and it is clear to see how important it is to their holistic development.

" It is also a perfect opportunity to see the values that Guiseley School hold so highly being applied practically: Care; Grow; Aspire; Succeed."