WHARFEDALE ward will continue to be represented by three Conservative councillors following the local elections last week.

Residents in the ward Wharfedale ward were electing two councillors following the resignation of Jackie Whiteley.

The results for Wharfedale were: Bob Felstead Conservative 2448 (26%); Dale Smith Conservative 2148 (23%); Christopher Eric Steele Labour 1109 (12%); Jamie Luke Needle Liberal Democrats 1084 (12%); Chris Turner Green Party 991 (11%); Phillip Edward Shaw Labour 838 (9%); Sophie Francine Vanicat Green Party 398 (4%); Peter Shannon Russell Liberal Democrats 346 (4%).

Councillor Dale Smith said: “I am delighted to once again be representing Wharfedale Ward at City Hall. I will try to represent all the electorate and be a strong advocate for their wellbeing. As normality returns it will doubtless expose cracks in services which need to be dealt with sympathetically.”

Newly elected Bob Felstead said: "I am pleased and extremely privileged to have been elected as a District Councillor in the Wharfedale Ward. I’d like to thank all those who have helped support me over the past few months in the run up to and at the local elections. Equally, there are many others who have continued to place their trust and faith in me who I would also like to thank, you know who you are.

"Many people in Burley in Wharfedale already know how much commitment I have given and continue to give to the local community and I promise to apply the same level of effort, determination and resilience to residents of Menston.

"Fighting Green Belt development and supporting youth services are areas in which I’m already involved and if you need help or support drop me a line. Local infrastructure improvement and secondary education school places are also key areas in which I want to see significant change. In addition, there are other areas of concern like local poverty and mental health support which are often overlooked due to a misguided belief that everyone in our community is well-off; that’s simply not the true and these are important issues that need council support and funding.

"My role to support the Wharfedale Ward at Bradford Council is all about community focus, so no matter how small your issue might be, I’m here to listen, help and to drive things forward for Burley In Wharfedale and Menston.

"I’m lucky to have the support and experience of two fellow Councillors, Gerry Barker and Dale Smith, who between them have 50 plus years experience in council roles, and I’ll be working with them to do the best for our communities."