RESIDENTS have hit out at plans to run a series of micro-festivals and glamping weekends on fields adjoining their homes in Pool in Wharfedale.

Glorious Glamping weekends are being advertised throughout the summer months on land at Fairmead Farm on Pool Bank New Road. The site will include a licensed bar and special alcohol and food packages.

But people living near the four fields which have been earmarked for the events say they have never been consulted upon the plans and only found out about them on Facebook . They say the repeated mini-festivals will create noise and disturbance and pose a serious threat to local wildlife.

Residents also argue the location, which borders on woodland at Pool Bank Quarries, is unsuitable because the present unsafe boundary walls, steep drops and uneven ground present a risk for partygoers who may choose to go exploring after dark within the quarry itself.

Tony and Karen Van de Bospoort live in Far Row, bordering Fair Mead.

Karen said: “Ever since we found out about this scheme we have both been having sleepless nights. They are talking about these mini-festivals all through the Summer months- and who knows what after that? The potential noise and disturbance for us is bad enough. Because of the quarry all sound gets amplified anyway. Then there’s the prospect of people who have been drinking wandering through these woods at all hours.

“As for the wildlife, there are deer, barn owls, red kites, bats, badgers and many other creatures living in the woods who use the fields and the woodland for foraging. Where are they supposed to go? This has always been such a quiet, special place and that could disappear overnight.”

Grace Crossland and her partner Dr Jonathan Ince are both health service workers who moved into Far Row just a year ago.

Grace said, “As a paediatric intensive care nurse and a paediatric doctor we are shift workers and we are concerned around noise levels from the festivals. It is imperative that we get rest in between our shifts, so what are we meant to do – move out of our house every weekend from May to September?

And business manager Mark Fluin, also of Far Row, said he was also concerned about the safety aspects.

“I do a lot of Risk Assessment in industry and my experience tells me that there could be a nasty accident. They seem to be pushing the sale of alcohol as a priority which will exacerbate the risks of people hurting themselves in the quarry – whether they wander through the badly maintained perimeter fence or clamber over the stiles via the public footpaths.”

Jim Madden, who lives on Bar House Row has set up a private Facebook group to coordinate local people’s response to the plans.

He said, “ We are furious about the way this is being done. I am a great lover of festivals and music but they have to be in the right place with good infrastructure and minimal disturbance."

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Helen Atkinson from Glorious Glamping said: "I think there has been some misconception about what we are planning - the operative word in Micro Festival really is Micro - for groups of up to 30 people.

"Essentially we're setting up a glamping site with a bit of a difference, to allow groups of up to 30 people to come together outdoors (which isn't allowed on most campsites).

"After the last year of Covid lockdowns, we thought this would be a lovely idea, to allow families and groups who may have missed out on birthday parties and special occasions to be able to come together in a covid safe environment.

"There will be a maximum of 60 guests on site at any time, not enough to cause issues with traffic. Our site covers 57 acres, so there is plenty of space for parking on site.

"Regarding health and safety, we have we have a completed a thorough risk assessment regarding all potential risks and issues on site, which will be updated regularly. All guests are requested to take all reasonable precautions against personal injury, injury to others and damage to the woodland, facilities and tents. Candles and tea lights must be used outside of the tents and must be within candle holders and containers when alight, fires and BBQs will be well away from tents and any flammable materials, and stoves and BBQs must be kept outside of tents. The use of Chinese lanterns is forbidden. Ample facilities for the collection of rubbish will be provided, and a member of the Glorious Glamping team will do a thorough sweep of the site every weekend after guests have departed."

She added: "Our new glamping site at Fairmead Farm is being designed to allow people to come together in a COVID safe environment, post lockdown. The enquiries we have received have mostly been from families who have missed out on special events such as 40th and 50th birthday parties, weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs and graduations.

"The events will only run on weekends over the summer, guests are welcome to arrive from 1pm on a Friday, and are requested to vacate their tents by 1pm on the Sunday of their weekend stay. Music is permitted until 10.30pm each night, after which music will be turned off and guests will be required to keep noise levels to a minimum.

"We have carried out a sound test to ensure that local residents are not disturbed by noise from Glorious Glamping. We are offering food and drinks packages to minimise traffic going on and off site. The sale of alcohol will be covered by Temporary Events Notices, for a maximum of 10 weekends over the summer in line with alcohol licensing guidelines. A member of the Glorious Glamping team who has a personal alcohol license will be on site for all times. The licensing objectives will be upheld at all times."