We all know the phrase 'lies, damn lies and statistics'. In an election it becomes even more appropriate, especially in graphs on campaign leaflets.

You know the type: 'only X party can win here!' with a very convincing bar chart showing how close two parties are. Then you look at the small print and discover the figures come from a council by-election held in 1987, or something.

That is just what the Ilkley Green Party leaflet does, by showing a graph and giving statistics which have no bearing on this election. It tells us that the race is between the Conservative Party and the Green Party and the other candidates cannot win. It gives a huge percentage of votes to the Green Party.

The truth is, that when this particular Ilkley Council seat was last contested the same Parties were standing and the top two were Independent 42% and Conservative 26%, Labour got 21% of the vote.

The Green Party got 6% - a long way from being second as they proclaim they are.

Their claims are not true, but misleading political spin.

The candidates with the best chance of winning the Ilkley election are the Independent or the Conservative.

Valerie Halton