From Judy Dixon, Ilkley

WITH reference to last week’s letter regarding Darwin Gardens, ‘Town is rife with anti-social actions’, I wish to propose an alternative view. I believe, and I know that many others share my opinion, that the Gardens are a place of beauty where families regularly gather to rest, play on the maze and use the various picnic facilities. Other folk use the seats for rest and meditation, or wander on the paths that criss-cross the bridges over the stream and, at this time of year, admire the daffodils, primroses and catkins. In other words this is place of tranquillity and relaxation and may be considered one of Ilkley’s ‘jewels’. In my experience as a frequent visitor to the area, I have never encountered ‘drug-smoking low-life’. As far as the car-parking is concerned, I rejoice in the fact that that so many people choose to walk on Ilkley Moor. There are so many paths that the car occupants are spread over a wide area and do not cause over-crowding on the adjacent Moors. Let us be more gracious to all those who choose to enjoy Ilkley’s beautiful open spaces.