FOLK dancers in Otley have commissioned a local artist who has created a new logo for the resurrection of a local landmark.

Wharfedale Wayzgoose Border Morris side will see their new logo added to the wrought iron crown of Otley Maypole, which was removed after the collapse of the last Maypole in September 2020.

The traditional signature bird of the side now appears perched on crossed sticks to mark a new era of May Day dancing in the town.

Jude Caldwell, Squire of Wharfedale Wayzgoose, said: “I’m delighted to know that, when circumstances finally allow us to dance again, we can go forward into the future with our new logo, safely mounted on the refurbished Maypole crown, and with renewed hope for the continuation of Wharfedale Wayzgoose.

“We anticipate many more years as full of music, dance and joy as the last 27 years, since our formation, have been.”

Anita Walker, Foreman (lead dance teacher) of Wayzgoose, added: “I’ve been dancing with Wharfedale Wayzgoose since we formed in 1994. We have always had the goose as our logo, but I love the new updated image.

“It will be great to see it on our new badges and know that it’s on the crown of the new Otley Maypole.”

At the moment Otley Town Council have not confirmed when the updated Maypole, made of galvanised steel, will be installed, but it is hoped it will reappear on Manchester Square by May 1st.

It will stand next to Otley’s “Cross on the Green” Maypole, which is one of the tallest and oldest in the UK.

Wharfedale Wayzgoose began in 1994, and have joined fellow local Morris dancers the Buttercross Belles to celebrate May Day each year since the smaller Maypole was installed in 2002.

The new Wayzgoose logo was designed by Otley-based artist Sylvia Too, and will be added to the other emblems on the original crown.

Wayzgoose are currently recruiting dancers and musicians who may want to try something different following a year of enforced staying indoors.

For more info visit their Facebook page:

* Photo credit: Simon Carey