OTLEY 2030 packers and drivers delivered 146 fruit and vegetable boxes on Tuesday to families and elderly and vulnerable people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Along with their volunteers, the group thanked the United Reformed Church, for letting them use their hall, and Sainsbury’s for their donation. They also thanked all the market traders for saving crates to use for delivery, with a special mention for Simon and Becky, who run a large fruit and veg stall in the market.

"They advise us on what produce we should buy, order from the wholesalers for us, organise the delivery, make us a really generous donation of potatoes, and even take away all our rubbish from the hall," said Shannon Coles, who coordinates the project.

"Otley 2030 are fundraising to make deliveries during the Easter and summer holidays too. If you feel able to donate, please go to our fundraising page. We really are making a big difference for people in our community - we have already received lots of lovely thank yous."