SIR, - It was once asked in a Monty Python film,What have the Romans done for us, and it made me think: what has the Labour Party done for us. Let me remind everyone.

More than 80 tax increases, high and uncontrolled immigration, sold off some of our gold reserves, raided pension funds, manufacturing in decline, NHS in chaos, yob culture (caused by the introduction of 24-hour drinking), lack of respect and discipline (at home and school), the erosion of our countryside,due to constant building on greenfield sites, street crime on the increase, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, sleaze (cash for honours), more people are reliant on the Government for handouts. Prison Service in chaos.

Now, after all that, they want to introduce the Big Brother syndrome: CCTV cameras monitoring our every move, speed cameras at the expense of police officers, monitors in our bins checking our waste, smoking spies visiting pubs etc, valuation inspectors forcing their way into your homes,to check on improvements etc. black boxes in your car to monitor your movements, the introduction of ID Cards, new passport centres,where you will attend a 20-minute interview, and be asked unnecessary personal questions.

Doesn't this remind you of the old Soviet Union, and you know what happened there - Revolution.

So let us all start planning to depose this Government and the incompetent oafs in office,who are not fit for purpose. Remember this is England our green and pleasant land. Don't let this government take it away for ever.

D R Shenton - 46 Hawkstone Avenue,Guiseley.

Orchard Gate problems

SIR, - It is a great relief to have Bradford Road open again and I must congratulate Bradford Council and the contractors for meeting the deadline as promised.

I attended the token road opening ceremony recently on the Thursday morning near the Golf Club. Otley councillors chartered a bus to cross the works before declaring Otley open again for business and returning to the Civic Centre for refreshments.

The road subsequently opened at 9.30am on the Saturday. As a publicity stunt it will go some way to encouraging support to our beleaguered traders and businesses in the town.

May I urge our councillors now to concentrate their efforts to the other issue facing our traders, especially in the Orchard Gate Shopping Centre.

Almost three months ago a working group was set up by Coun Ross to find a solution to the problem of the disgusting toilet facilities in the shopping centre. So far there has been only one meeting with a vague possibility of a second meeting before Christmas.

Is this going to attract visitors to our town? The problem is not new - it has been there for years and we can see the results of poor trading in the town by the number of new charity shops filling vacant premises.

Liberal councillors run Otley, many have been on for more than 25 years, but it took the one Conservative councillor with local support to embarrass them enough to set up a working group.

The Liberal city councillors have been accused of sleeping on the job over the fence issue - are we going to see the same for the tcwn councillors. Their complacency shows contempt for Otley!

Ken Creek - Conservative Candidate, Otley and Yeadon Ward, 33 Milner Bank, Otley

More revelations

SIR, - Following from the cash for honours' debacle we now have the revelation of concealed donations to Labour Party funds by a wealthy property developer.

This man is not philanthropic. He does it for privileges and profit. The Labour Party knows this full well and is an accessory to this corrupt practice. And yet we tolerate it. Why?

Is there anyone left in this country who does not understand that our system is corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic. How a system, which gives dictatorial control to a handful of self-seeking capitalists by only 23 per cent of the electorate is beyond understanding.

It is a system where wealthy individuals can buy privileges and power. Under no circumstances should we allow state funding of political parties.

There have been many calls for a referendum on the European constitution but surely the most urgent measure now is a referendum on democratic reform. What this country needs is scrapping the Parliamentary system and total reform to end party politics and control by Establishment capitalists.

Why anyone still gives the existing system credibility by participating in elections is beyond understanding. Surely it is obvious that the two principle parties are the same and elections are a charade to perpetuate Establishment capitalism. If we have to vote it should be for reform.

As more grubby revelations emerge on the concealed donations this should not only bring down the Labour Government but the whole corruptParliamentary system of which it is a part.

Malcolm Naylor - 21 Grange View, Otley.

Choosing turkeys

SIR, - As we enter the festive season and there is a natural increase in the amount of food we buy, I ask your readers to please spare a thought for the lives of all those animals - especially the millions of turkeys - reared for Christmas every year.

Don't forget when choosing your turkey to think about where it has come from and the life it has led. More people than ever before are choosing to buy higher welfare chicken and free-range eggs, but most people don't realise that the majority of turkeys are still being farmed in unacceptable conditions.

It's so easy to do your bit to help, just choose higher welfare labelled turkeys such as Freedom Food. This demonstrates that the turkeys have been kept according to strict standards set by the RSPCA where they can perch, move around freely, flap their wings and express their normal behaviour.

If we all stop buying turkeys reared to unacceptable standards, supermarkets would stock more higher welfare labelled turkeys and we could all enjoy a more welfare-friendly and happy Christmas!

Alan Wolinski - Regional Manager, RSPCA in the North.

Your stories wanted

SIR, - At World Cancer Research Fund we know it can sometimes be challenging to keep up good lifestyle habits.

But being physically active, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy weight are important for helping to prevent a number of diseases, including cancer.

To help us spread this message, we'd like to hear from anyone who has made positive changes to their diet or lifestyle. Perhaps you or someone you know, has been affected by cancer. Have you lost weight, or did you want to have a better quality of life?

Success stories like yours can provide the inspiration and motivation other people need to make the small changes that can make a big difference to their lives and cancer risk.

Please get in touch by calling 0207 343 4205, emailing or writing to the PR Department, 19 Harley Street, London W1G 9QJ.

Your story can make a real difference.

Lisa Cooney - Head of Education, World Cancer Research Fund.