THE SECOND online consultation meeting into the proposed expansion of Bramhope Primary School will take place on Thursday, January 14.

The school could be permanently expanded to take in more pupils under new plans. If approved the proposal would see the school's reception intake increase by 20 places each year from September 2022.

The Collaborative Learning Trust - a Leeds-based multi academy trust that also includes Prince Henry’s Grammar School - has been working with Leeds City Council on the scheme.

A six-week consultation begun in December and people were invited to express their views at, where there are also details about the dates and times of community information sessions.

Bramhope Primary is an oversubscribed school. It received £447,600 in June to help it make alterations, including to its reception classroom and toilets, to accommodate an extra 20 pupils due to higher than anticipated demand. Anyone who wants to attend the 7pm meeting is asked to register by emailing