A CELEBRITY scientist from Otley has broadcast his Zap! show to thousands of pupils across Yorkshire.

Dr Marty Jopson held the Otley Science Festival event, focusing on electricity, from The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL). More than 2,000 children from classrooms in Leeds, Otley, Ilkley, Bradford, Keighley, Ripon and Harrogate tuned in to watch.

They discovered the difference between currents and amps and enjoyed seeing Marty’s hair standing on end when he touched his giant, home-made Van De Graaff machine.

A bubble of Year 5 pupils from GSAL - which sponsored this year’s science festival - were also part of the ‘studio audience’.

Director of External Relations at GSAL, Helen Clapham, said: “This is just one example where doing things differently during the pandemic has had a positive impact, with many more children in our community being able to access engaging educational content and shows like this.”