MEASURES to clamp down on anti-social behaviour and outdoor drinking are being extended to Yeadon Tarn.

The tarn will now be covered by a Public Spaces Protection Order which was already in place for the centre of Yeadon and which has been renewed. PSPOs will also remain in place in Otley, Guiseley and Horsforth following a review by Leeds City Council. The council renewed 13 PSPOs and added a new one at Swillington.

Ward councillors Sandy Lay, Colin Campbell and Ryk Downes welcomed the news that orders had been renewed in Yeadon and Otley.

Cllr Lay said:”These are designed to help the police deal with anti social behaviour associated with drinking in public places. They allow the police to confiscate alcohol if they feel that people are behaving inappropriately and have been particularly useful in Yeadon dealing with anti-social behaviour.

“The order has been extended to include Yeadon Tarn following a number of complaints. This is not designed to stop people having a picnic but rather to stop larger groups gathering and causing a nuisance.”

Executive board member for communities Cllr Debra Coupar, said: “PSPOs have proved to be an extremely useful tool in helping us and partners tackle anti-social behaviour and associated issues in designated communities across Leeds over the past three years in a positive and proactive way. I am pleased therefore that following a review which must be undertaken by law and through a public consultation, the previous 13 PSPOs which were in place, will continue, with some alterations in individual areas to tackle specific issues.”