THIS Thursday marks the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Skipton man Rory Johnson-Hatfield, who vanished without trace during a night out in York.

Rory, who was 29 at the time, had left Skipton by train on November 19, 2015 and was last seen in the city in the early hours of November 20.

Despite extensive searches through CCTV footage and speaking to people that night, through river searches and door to door inquiries carried out by Doug and Liz themselves, no scrap of information has been found which could lead his family to his side.

They even persuaded the police to use cadaver dogs and kayaks to search the river, though there was a delay because it was in flood.

His parents, Doug and Liz, have never given up hope that they will find him and as they mark five heart-breaking years since his disappearance they are appealing for people to search their memories for any clues where he may be.

Rory’s father, Doug, who used to run Brody’s restaurant, in Skipton, and now lives with his wife, Charlotte, Rory’s step-mum, in France, has the added anguish of not being able to travel to York from because of lockdown.

Doug and his former wife, Liz, who lives in Lytham St Annes, regularly made trips to the city on anniversaries and to make regular appeals on those occasions for any scraps of information which may help them and the police.

Doug said a lot about his son’s disappearance did not ‘add up’. He said Rory, who worked in the restaurant, had left belongings behind in his flat which he always carried with him. He also had things given to him by his mother which he always carried around or used.

“His passport is one,” said Doug. He always carried it with him, wherever he went, but it was found in his flat.

“I bought him a watch for his 21st birthday which he never took off. He even showered with it on, but he had taken it to a jewellers in Skipton for whatever reason and did not pick it up when it was ready.

“It’s now five years since he went missing and we are no nearer finding answers.”

Charlotte added: “Rory was a local lad. He was very well liked by very many people..

The family is keeping in contact with the police in the hope some news comes forward.”

CCTV footage of Rory’s last known movements show him at 12.32am where he is seen heading into York with a friend, walking along Tower Street, past Clifford’s Tower.

Six minutes later at 12.38am, the same CCTV camera picks him up on his own, leaving the city centre on the other side of Tower Street and crossing Skeldergate Bridge towards the Skeldergate/Terry Avenue area of York.

Another CCTV camera picks Rory up a few minutes later at City Mills flats, on the other side of the river.

That is the last known sighting.

North Yorkshire Police has said their hearts go out to Rory’s family and friends, adding the investigation into his disappearance remains open and they continue to appeal for information about his last known movements.

They ask if anyone has any information about that night which they haven’t yet shared to get in touch with the police.