THE FOLLOWING planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: single storey rear extension - NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 20/01248/FU - I wish to add a third conservation Velux to the extension roof to provide adequate natural light (as shown on the drawings). I would also like to add a Velux in the house bathroom as the window was lost after the new extension was erected. There is no natural light into the bathroom at present. Bramhope Cottage, 11 Eastgate.

Bramhope: single storey rear extension; dormer window to rear. 67 The Birches.

Bramhope: two storey and first floor side extension. 93 Leeds Road.

Guiseley: T1 - Oak , Remove the Oak tree to ground level. 86 Hawksworth Lane.

Guiseley: single storey rear extension with raised patio area and railings to side. 8 Oxford Avenue.

Guiseley: single storey side extension; gable extension to front; canopy to front. 1 Tranfield Gardens.

Guiseley: first floor side extension; single storey rear extension; raised decking area to rear with balustrades. 14 The Elms.

Horsforth: tree in back garden. Species unknown. Has blue flowers in Spring/ Summer. Greyish trunk. Needs 1 metre cutting from top as casting shade over alleyway behind property which affects neighbours. 6 Stanhope Avenue.

Horsforth: first floor rear extension; convert existing integral garage to habitable living space; alterations to window at first floor front elevation - NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 14/00969/FU - reinstate the side door that was removed as part of an earlier garage conversion. 28 West End Close.

Horsforth: part two storey part single storey side/rear extension and first floor window to side. 3 Perth Mount.

Horsforth: single storey side and rear extension. 11 West End Drive .

Horsforth: alterations including; Part two storey, part single storey, side and rear extension; Juliet balcony to first floor rear; dormer window to rear. 11 North Broadgate Lane.

Horsforth: first floor side extension; installation of rooflights to rear. 7 Mackintosh Road.

Otley: T2 Maple - reduce spread on the North side by removal of 2m max to secondary forks/growing points leaving 5m spread for a longer lasting draw back from the building. Reduce spread on the South roadside side by removal of 2m max to secondary forks/growing points leaving 5m spread to clear the lines sufficiently. Multi stemmed so spread measurements taken approximately from the centre of the canopy, ie radial. Adlington House, Bridge Street.

Otley: T1 Hornbeam - reduce height and spread of tree by 2.5 meters and remove any dead wood. 10 Wharfe Street.

Otley: part two storey part single storey side extension. 5 The Crossways.

Otley: alterations to form two new one bedroom flats; widening of ground floor exit to form new flat entrance and new second floor window to rear. 98 Boroughgate.

Otley: change of use of shop to flat. 11 Kirkgate.

Otley: Listed Building application for internal and external alterations to form dwelling. 11 Kirkgate.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: T 1 & 2 approximately 16m high - reduction of approximately 3m. T3 - approximately 8m high - reduction of approximately 1m. T 4, 5 & 6 - Hawthorn and 8, 10 & 11 - Beech. This row of trees is approximately 18m high -reduction of 3m off each tree. T 7 & 9 Beech - are dying and the owners of the property are requesting the removal of both these trees. T15 approximately 18m high - reduction of 3m. T 16 & 17 Sycamore approximately 23m and require a reduction of 5m. Brook Cottage, Mill Lane.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: alterations including single storey extension incorporating attached garage to side; two storey extension with new pitched roof to existing terrace to front - NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 15/07347/FU - removal of garage door and conversion of garage to living accommodation. Aspen House, Church Lane.

Rawdon: G1 Hollies - thin understory by 50%. Dove Cottage, Apperley Lane.

Rawdon: TG1 Fir - fell as identified as future subsidence risk. The Coach House, Knott Lane.

Rawdon: retrospective application for new boundary fence. The Hawthorns 5 Emmott Drive.

Yeadon: single storey detached outbuilding. 76 Westfield Avenue.

Yeadon: two storey side extension. 56 Banksfield Avenue.