THIS year’s Otley Science Festival will be taking place from November 9 to 14 and will be like no other that’s ever been done before!

All of the 2020 festival's events have now been swtiched to online-only following the introduction of the new national lockdown to tackle COVID-19.

Films that were planned to be screened during the festival, meanwhile, have had to be cancelled due to the restrictions.

The online events taking place include:

Monday 9th, 7.30pm: Zap!. Watch as local TV Scientist Marty takes a sparky journey through the story of electricity. From the Ancient Greeks, through Faraday’s genius, this show aims to put the awesome back into electricity.

Tuesday 10th, 7.30pm Science Café. Now in its 13th season, the Otley Science Café promises to bring the usual eclectic mixture of scientific topics delivered in bite sized chunks. Speakers include: Siân Estdale BSc, MPhil, PhD Head of Scientific Affairs, CTTS, Covance Laboratories Limited talking about ‘A brief history of biopharmaceutical – scientific drivers for adoption of large molecule therapeutics’, and Professor Lorna Dougan, Professor of Physics at the University of Leeds with her presentation on the Bragg Centre Creative Labs, and their Innovation through collaboration.

Wednesday 11th, 7pm Science Festival online virtual quiz hosted by Otley Courthouse. The quiz will be loosely science-themed but being a clever scientist won’t help you.

Thursday 12th, 7.30pm: The World according to Physics with Professor Jim Al-Kalili. Join Prof. Al-Khalili as he tells about his latest book, The World According to Physics that shines a light on the most profound insights revealed by modern physics.

Friday 13 November, 12.30pm Science Lunch: Colin Speakman on John Phillips. Enjoy a lunchtime talk given by local author, Colin Speakman on one of Yorkshire’s forgotten geniuses. John Phillips was not only a ground-breaking geologist but also a cartographer, astronomer, meteorologist, artist and railway guide writer.

Friday 13th, 7.30pm: Why becoming a more sustainable society matters: An evening with Environmental Scientist Prof Tim Benton. An opportunity to listen to and then get into discussion with one of the UK’s top environmental scientist on the most important issues of today. Professor Tim Benton, University of Leeds will talk about how climate change impacts are societies with more people movement, more anti-immigration, more nationalism – more societal risks.

There will be no charge for online participation in any events, but it will be necessary to book to join.

Tickets for the online events must all be booked online and in advance via