THE PEOPLE of Bramhope are being asked to help create a ‘historic legacy’ for the village.

Miller Homes is putting together a time capsule to capture ‘the unique year that 2020 has been for future generations to discover years from now’.

The developer is currently creating 321 new homes in Bramhope, off Leeds Road, and wants to bury the capsule on public open space to the front of its Spring Wood Park development.

The idea is to fill the container with lots of items, including photographs, letters and artwork, that are provided by residents young and old - including pupils at Bramhope Primary School.

Regional Sales Manager for Miller Homes Yorkshire, Sarah Whinfrey, said: “This has been a year like no other and we have all had to adapt and face the challenges that have affected our home, school, social and working lives.

“Now we hope that residents in the village, both young and old, will be able to share their memories of 2020 by giving us a snapshot either through art, poetry, photos, written pieces or other important things that will capture this moment in time.”

“Miller Homes is also celebrating 85 years in business in 2020 so we thought it particularly poignant for us to do something a little bit different. We’re hoping the community will join us and share their memories of a year like no other in living memory.”

A plaque will be installed to mark the capsule’s location and the occasion of its burial - and asking future villagers to open it in 2070.

The Adel and Wharfedale ward councillors have been happy to back the idea with Councillor Billy Flynn pledging his support.

Councillor Barry Anderson said: “I think this is a great idea so that in the future local residents will be able to see what happened at the time of this new estate being built, the effect it had on people and the massive change it had on the village.

“It is important that people have the chance to express their views and submit a piece for the time capsule so that local feeling about the development can be captured.

“Bearing in mind this development is being created against the backdrop of a pandemic it will be interesting to see what residents put in the time capsule.

Councillor Caroline Anderson added: “I am pleased to be supporting this idea as it will be amazing, in 50 years’ time, for the people who dig it up and read all about the residents who lived here at the time and what their thoughts were on the development.

“It will have a huge impact on the village of Bramhope and one that ought to be captured in this way, as well as the other historical records that will exist.”

To find out how to submit an item for the time capsule send an e-mail to