THE FOLLOWING planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: 30% Crown reduction to Norway Maple (NM1 on sketch) in order to draw away from property. Pollard of cherry (C1 on sketch) back to previous pruning points approx 2m reduction. 1 Hall Close.

Bramhope: two storey and first floor extension including new patio area and re-siting of retaining wall with steps to rear. 5 Kings Road.

Bramhope: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to gable and dormer window to the rear; rooflights to front. 5 Kings Road.

Bramhope: replacement of existing timber fence with drystone wall. Hall Cottage, Staircase Lane.

Bramhope: part two storey, part single storey rear extension. 5 The Cedars.

Bramhope: alterations including two storey, single storey front side extension with new pitched roof over existing porch; single storey side/rear to other side. 41 Tredgold Avenue.

Bramhope: new gates and boundary fence to front. High Trees Garden Centre, Otley Old Road.

Bramhope: part two storey, part single storey rear extension. 5 The Cedars.

Guiseley: single storey rear extension. 24 Ridgeway.

Guiseley: alterations including two storey rear extension with julet balcony; dormer window to rear; single storey extension and juliet balcony to front; second floor window to both sides. 39 Shaw Lane Gardens.

Guiseley: T1 - Silver Birch - crown reduction of approximately 10m (roughly 30% of the entire tree height) Reason: Signs of a rot hole near the base of the tree. We spoke with a tree specialist and he suggested that taking away some of the weight by reducing the height will help preserve the tree for the future. Additionally, the tree height is beginning to pose safety issues in high winds. 34 Moorway.

Harewood: installation of a tent structure to the courtyard of the stables at Harewood House. The structure will be in place for approximately 3 months of the year for the Christmas trading period. The Courtyard, Harewood House, Harrogate Road.

Horsforth: T1 - Beech - cut down to ground level. T2 - Oak - cut down to ground level. Constant problem with phone wires getting damaged, fouling gutters and roof. Replant 2 new trees back from property. Red Beck Lodge, Rawdon Road.

Horsforth: Prior Approval for enlargement of a dwellinghouse by construction of additional stories; the development will go 2.6m above the highest point of the existing roof. It is proposed that only the original two storey element be extended upwards only with book-end, a book-end gable to the terraced row of dwellings. All proposed external materials will be to match existing. 204 Stanhope Drive.

Horsforth: T1, T2 Oak - remove epicormic growth and major deadwood. T3 Oak - remove all magor deadwood. T4 Fir - remove. T5, T6 and T7 - crown lift to 4 metres, draw back form property by 1.5 to 2 metress and remove all major deadwood. The Coach House, Wood Lane.

Horsforth: single storey side and rear extension. 117 Southway.

Horsforth: single storey side and rear extension. 39 Lee Lane West.

Horsforth: two storey side extension with single storey front porch extension. 87 West End Drive.

Horsforth: single storey side and rear extension dormer window to rear with alterations to create rooms in roof space. 12 Brownberrie Avenue.

Horsforth: two storey side extension. 5 Cragg Terrace.

Horsforth: single storey link extension with a conversion of workshop to form habitable rooms; single storey side extension. 30 Hunger Hills Avenue.

Menston: single storey side/rear extension. 28 Kingsdale Avenue.

Menston: determination for agricultural building for the storage of agricultural machinery and materials. High Royds Farm, Home Farm Drive, off Bingley Road.

Otley: consent, agreement or approval of condition 16 of Planning Application 17/07108/FU. Unit 8 Ashfield Works, Westgate.

Otley: removal of existing advertising displays; installation of one digital hoarding sign. Land adjoining 39 Bradford Road.

Otley: alterations involving two storey front extension and single storey side and rear extensions including canopy. Keld Head, 31 Farnley Lane.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: part single storey, part two storey front/side/rear extension; hip to gable extension; first floor balcony to rear with balustrade; insertion of first floor window to side; new boundary wall and gates to front. 5 Willow Court.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: demolition of existing buildings, construction of new cricket pavilion. Arthington Cricket Club Cricket Ground, Arthington Park, Arthington Lane.

Rawdon: single storey rear extension with raised steps and patio area. 3 Canada Crescent.

Rawdon: see attached survey for proposal. Micklefield Grange, Micklefield Lane.

Rawdon: T1 - Horse Chestnut - reduce as per JCA survey reccomnendation. T2 - Eucalypts - reduce the canopy by 2/2.5m all round leaving a finishing height of approximately 7m. Long Meadow, Acacia Park Drive.

Yeadon: T1 - Birch - reduce the height of the tree by approximately 2m and lift to 4m over the neighbour's garden. T2 - Birch - reduce the height of the Birch by 2m.

6 Barcroft Grove.

Yeadon: single storey side and rear extension. 75 Coppice Wood Crescent.