AN ILKLEY residential care home has been working extra hard to so something special for its residents.

Kirkwood Residential Home in Moorfield Road, organised a ‘cruise’ - without ever leaving Ilkley.

Suzanne Mcpadden of the home said: “We had to do something special for the residents. Its been so hard for them.

“So we went to Mexico, Hawaii and At sea with the Captain.

“All staff took it on board and played their part so well.

“The fun and laughter was continuous. The residents had great fun.

“The Piñata was a particular favourite closely followed by the duty free trolley.

“Care homes are a place of safety and we want people to know they are fun places to be as well. The captain was keen for the residents to experience life at sea. The sky even opened up, hail stones came down and the sea got very rough! The fun was endless.”