THE FOLLOWING planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: Reserved Matters Application for residential development of 319 dwellings, a convenience store and public open space - NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 17/02312/RM - Road construction amendment serving plots 32-34. Land off Breary Lane East.

Bramhope: T1 Goat Willow - fell due to weakness at the base. T2 and T3 Cedar - fell as both have died. T4 and T5 Sycamore - both trees have been damaged by a falling beech tree. We wish to semi pollard to tidy up from the storm damage but retain the trees. T6 Beech - signs of rot in the lower part of the trunk, trees canopy looks in good health but we are concerned it will fail due to showing the same signs of rot as the one that has recently fallen over. Fell if considered dangerous. (Would welcome a second opinion on this.) T7 Beech - fell due to (brittle cinder fungus) kretzschmaria deusta Replace all felled tpo trees with Beech 10-12cm at DBH. Firs Hill Coach House, Staircase Lane.

Bramhope: consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 18 of Planning Application 20/01716/FU. Green Banks Farm, Otley Old Road.

Bramhope: two storey rear extension. Holly Croft, Moor Road.

Bramhope: single storey side and rear and dormer window to rear. 5 Tredgold Avenue.

Bramhope: part single storey, part two storey side extension, dormer windows to front, new entrance to front and alterations to front boundary enlarging access and drive way. Moor Croft, Moor Road.

Bramhope: new oak canopy to front; new bay window to front. 15 Manor Close.

Bramhope: carport to side. Tredgold House, Tredgold Crescent.

Guiseley: T1 - Holly - fell and replace with a 10-12cm container grown Red Oak. The tree forms part of a collective group of Hollies and appears in a state of decline, possibly due to an infection of Phytophthora ilicis. Removal and replacement of the this tree (with a prescribed species tolerant of climate change) will help to future proof the sites tree stock. T2 - Copper Beech - to reduce the laterally spreading branches by approximately 1.5mand lightly crown lift by shortening the secondary branches to gain 3.5m clearance over the flower bed. Similar work was consented in 2014. Work will help to alleviate shading issues. T3 - Yew - Crown lift to 3m by removing the two lowest branches (10cm in diameter) to gain 2.5m clearance. T4 - Holly - remove- poorly formed item, previously topped. T5 - Sycamore (off-site) - reduce lateral spreading branches over the applicants garden by 1.5m in length whilst maintaining shape. The Hollins, Old Hollings Hill.

Guiseley: single storey rear extension; alterations to rear decking including steps to rear garden. 6 Dale Close.

Guiseley: single storey rear extension. 16 Ashtofts Mount.

Guiseley: single storey rear extension; dormer window to rear; rooflights to front and rear. 21 Tranmere Drive.

Guiseley: loft conversion with front and rear dormer extensions and associated internal alterations. 26 Granville Terrace, Moor Lane.

Guiseley: external alterations including raising of roof height; single storey front and side extension; altering roof line from hip to gable with front and rear dormer windows; new driveway access; patio area to side. 15 Thorpe Lane.

Guiseley: change of use from Betting Shop to Cafe Bar (ground floor only). Fixing a sign to replace the existing Coral Bookmakers sign but keeping the existing shop front. Fitting out the interior of the shop considering all fire regulations etc. 46 - 48 Otley Road.

Harewood: Retrospective Listed Building Application for a new flue to the kitchen roof. The Hovels, Weardley Lane.

Harewood: Retrospective application for a new flue to the kitchen roof. The Hovels, Weardley Lane.

Horsforth: T1 - Sycamore to be crown lifted to 5.2m over highway and remove phototropic limb identified on attached supporting evidence. Summerfield, Outwood Lane.

Menston: ovverhead power line alterations (YC14625). Menston to Pool Overhead Wires.

Otley: demolition of existing dwelling and shed; construction of a new dwelling and garage with associated landscaping - NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 19/07632/FU - Proposed dwelling reduced in length and width. Rear bi-folding doors to living space amended to window. Juliette balcony replaced with window. Minor change to fenestration arrangement to suit updated design. Meadow Bank, Leeds Road .

Otley: single storey rear extension and porch to front. 115 The Oval.

Otley: two storey side elevation; single storey rear elevation. 168 Weston Drive.

Otley: two storey side elevation. 116 The Crossways .

Otley: external and internal alterations to ground floor unit including new shopfont. 15 - 17 Kirkgate.

Otley: Listed building application for external and internal alterations to the ground floor unit, and display of non illuminated fascia sign. 15 - 17 Kirkgate.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: T1 - Sycamore - 5m crown lift & 5m reduction in height. 3 Willow Court.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: insertion of bay window to front. Brooklyn, Arthington Lane.

Rawdon: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a single storey rear extension. 5 Park View Terrace.

Yeadon: change of use of agricultural building to dwelling. Agricultural Building, Carlton Hall Farm, Carlton Lane.

Yeadon: single storey extension with steps to rear. The Shearing End, Carlton Lane.

Yeadon: alterations involving dormer window to front. 16 Hawthorn Crescent.

Yeadon: alterations including two storey part single storey rear extension; single storey side extensionstorey rear extension; new side window at first floor level. 10 Copt Royd Grove.

Yeadon: conversion of garage to habitable room; enlarged hardstanding to front. 10 Copt Royd Grove.

Yeadon: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a roof mounted Photovoltaic Array. Former Green Lane Dyeworks - Building B, Green Lane.

Yeadon: 4.8m single storey rear extension, 3.6m to ridge height, 2.24m to eaves. 16 Rufford Bank.