WASHBURN Heritage Centre has been asked to join a project that could help one of the country’s most at risk birds.

The spotted flycatcher is a migratory species that breeds in the UK during the summer while spending the winter in Africa.

Although found across the UK numbers are in serious decline and the population dropped by nearly 90 per cent between 1967 and 2012.

The Washburn Valley, however, and particularly the area around Fewston Church and the adjacent Washburn Heritage Centre, is one of its strongholds.

The centre was recently approached to see if it could make ‘some small but hopefully impactful conservation actions to help the spotted flycatcher population’.

A spokesperson, writing in the Washburn Valley and Mid-Wharfe Churches magazine, said: “We are in discussion with the project co-ordinator about how we can be involved - as we get more information we will let you know.”