POLICE say there has been a ‘concerning rise’ in reports of suspicious doorstep callers in the Guiseley area.

West Yorkshire Police flagged up the trend, which is also affecting other parts of Aireborough and Wharfedale, in a recent message to local councillors.

It said: “We are currently seeing a concerning rise in reports of suspicious doorstep sellers in the Guiseley area, however this is a key message that applies to all.

“Doorstep trading has been occurring for a long time and the products on offer tend to be either cleaning products, ‘fresh’ fish or gardening services. Sometimes these will be genuine, however sometimes the seller’s objectives are not just to provide a good value product.

“One of the concerns we have is that by allowing these people the time to interact with you on your doorstep you are providing them with the time required to survey your home for future visits - this time as a burglar.”

For tips on improving home security visit www.westyorkshire.police.uk/advice/home-security/home-security/doorstep-crime. West Yorkshire Trading Standards, meanwhile, has given this advice to householders:

*Always have your doors locked and have a spy hole so you can see who is calling

*Always ask for ID and confirm it with the organisation they claim to be with by getting the telephone number - don’t rely on the number the salesperson gives you

*Use a door chain before you let anybody in.