POLICE have been checking traffic speed in Aireborough and Wharfedale this week.

Officers were out in Guiseley and Otley on the morning of Monday, September 14 to keep an eye on traffic speed.

Armed with a Speed Indicator Device (SID) they monitored how fast motorists were going while they were travelling along Hawksworth Lane, Guiseley and Lisker Drive, Otley.

The action in Guiseley resulted in several drivers being pulled over and spoken to about their speed.

In Otley, meanwhile the police say a ‘handful’ of vehicles were observed travelling over the speed limit.

Warning letters to the owners, advising them to observer the legal speed limits, are now being sent out to those who were involved.

Lisker Drive had been chosen for the police operation due to concerns that had been raised by local residents about speeding vehicles on the road.